Singularity 6 is hiring artists for Palia game

Great news for all artists with a gaming hobby: Singularity 6, the development team behind the upcoming community sim MMO Palia, is looking to increase their number of resident artists. Palia has garnered lots of attention since its announcement trailer dropped on June 3, 2021, thanks to its overwhelmingly positive attributes: an immersive environment, intriguing […]

First Palia Character Revealed: Meet the Golem

Since Palia’s official announcement trailer dropped yesterday on June 3, the game has garnered a lot of excitement. It’s no wonder why—Palia offers a uniquely relaxing MMO experience in a fantasy world in which players can farm, fish, decorate their homes, fall in love, and more. From the details provided on Palia’s official website, we […]

How to sign up for the Palia pre-alpha

Palia, an upcoming MMO that combines all the best traits of farming and dating simulation games (think Stardew Valley meets Breath of the Wild), will soon be available to play for a select group of people. In Palia, you can build the perfect living space, fish and garden, go foraging, make friends with other characters, […]