New Palia Characters Revealed: Meet Hassian and Kenyatta

In Palia, players will be able to explore an open, magical world and perform all types of activities: fishing, crafting, adventuring, dating, decorating, and much more. While gamers eagerly await the release of this community sim MMO, the team behind Palia, Singularity 6, continues to share some of the faces we’ll be encountering within the […]

Fifth Palia Character Revealed: Meet Auni!

Palia is an upcoming and highly-anticipated community sim MMO game, in which players are free to cultivate cozy lifestyles in an expansive, charming environment. Players will be able to join up with friends and farm, craft, adventure, fall in love, and much more within the fantasy world of Palia. Joining the cast of Palia’s lovable NPCs […]

Fourth Palia Character Revealed: Meet Tamala!

While players eagerly await the chance to dive into upcoming community sim MMO Palia, company Singularity 6 continues to offer character profiles and interesting tidbits about the beautiful, expansive game we’ll soon be encountering. Palia promises to be a uniquely relaxing MMO experience, and we’ll be able to meet all kinds of endearing NPCs within […]

Palia Characters Revealed: Meet Zeki and the Chapaa

Singularity 6, the company behind the upcoming community sim MMO Palia, continues to treat us with ongoing character and creature reveals. This time, we get to learn more about Zeki, the owner of the general store, as well as the “infamous local pest” Chapaa creatures. You can check out the other revealed Palia characters right […]

Second Palia Character Revealed: Meet Jina!

The highly-anticipated community sim MMO Palia is filled to the brim with fun content, combining all the best elements of open-world adventure games with the tranquil coziness offered in titles like Animal Crossing. Players will be able to join up with friends and farm, craft, adventure, and much more within the expansive world of Palia. […]