Last Epoch Online Play Unavailable – How to fix

A big part of the fun of Last Epoch is online play, but there are sometimes issues with getting into the game. Here’s how to fix the Last Epoch online play unavailable error. How to fix Last Epoch Online Play Unavailable If you’re running into problems logging into Last Epoch, the first thing you’ll need […]

Last Epoch Sentinel Leveling Guide

The Sentinel is one of the classes you can choose to play as in Last Epoch, and it’s a fine option for beginners. Here’s a Last Epoch Sentinel leveling guide to get you started in the right direction. Last Epoch Sentinel Leveling Build Before we start, know that most builds you create in Last Epoch […]

When does Last Epoch 1.0 come out? (Countdown)

The Last Epoch release date is fast approaching, and if you’re an ARPG fan like me, it’s going to be something on your radar. A lot is being added in the 1.0 update, so it’s important to know when Last Epoch 1.0 comes out. Last Epoch 1.0 release date Last Epoch won’t have a rolling […]