How to get Dalaran Hearthstone in WoW

The Dalaran Hearthstone is a key item in World of Warcraft that teleports its caster to the Dalaran region. To obtain it, you will need to visit the Hero’s Call Board (Alliance) in Stormwind City or the Warchief’s Command Board (Horde) in Orgrimmar. After you interact with one of the two, you must select the Fight the Legion option, which will lumber you […]

Best Builds for each WoW Class

While World of Warcraft might not have the most in-depth talent trees or class customization systems in place, there are still some critical choices to be made. Namely, what is the best performing subclass for each class, and what talents should be chosen? World of Warcraft Best Class Talents Death Knight (Blood) Level 15: Heartbreaker, […]