What are the Dragonflights in WoW? – World of Warcraft lore, explained

With Dragonflight being the core focus of an entire expansion in World of Warcraft, it’s time to delve into the different dragon factions. Each of the five dragonflights has control over a different aspect of life on Azeroth and must work with one another for the greater good. But that leads to messy relationships between […]

Can you change the UI in WoW Dragonflight?

During its reveal of the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, developer Blizzard Entertainment admitted it was behind the times. After having add-ons carry the load for well over a decade, the gaming behemoth will finally overhaul World of Warcraft’s UI. Aside from modernizing the UI, Blizzard is finally making it customizable for users. Players will be able to move […]

Summary of WoW Dragonflight Profession Changes – TLDR

Professions in World of Warcraft are about to get an overhaul. During the Dragonflight reveal and subsequent deep dive, several interesting details about the upcoming changes were outlined. The first big addition is Crafting Orders. These orders let players request others to craft items for them. This goes more in-depth than the current Auction House […]

Everything we know about Dragon Riding in WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion, Dragonflight, is set to change how mounts are handled in the tenured MMORPG. As players venture into the Dragon Isles, they’ll be handling their very own Dragon Isles Drake. As players progress through the new zones and expansion, they will acquire four new Dragon Isles Drakes. These Drakes are customizable; […]

Everything we know about the new Talent System in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Not since Mists of Pandaria has World of Warcraft seen such an overhaul to the talent system as the impending rework set to come with Dragonflight. During the reveal, several Blizzard designers shared details on what’s to come. How does the new Talent System work in WoW: Dragonflight Talent trees are making a return. Players […]