Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) Minsc Build Guide

As the only BG3 companion that can join your camp in Act 3, Minsc is a late-game addition to your Baldur’s Gate 3 party, which can make building him a challenge. That doesn’t mean he isn’t worth trying out, though. As a Ranger, he is unique among the companions, and his strongest build can be […]

Where to find Health Mushrooms in Witchfire

In Witchfire, you’ll find a variety of mushrooms all around the map. Some of these mushrooms are safe to eat and will restore your HP or stamina. Others, however, will damage you or give you a debuff for trying to consume them. At first, I had a little trouble figuring out which mushrooms were safe, […]

How to get Herbs in Witchfire

Witchfire is a challenging game with hordes of enemies seeking to destroy you. In order to stay alive, you will need to move fast, upgrade your weapons, choose the right Preyer upgrades, and make sure to have plenty of healing potions available. In order to make these potions, you will need to collect herbs; here’s […]