Honkai: Star Rail beta first impressions—combat, characters, story, and more

Honkai: Star Rail’s premise is simple: players go on a Trailblazing journey across the universe as they discover secrets behind the Stellarons that live in various worlds. But with HoYoverse behind the development of this JRPG-inspired game, the bar is high for Honkai: Star Rail, which has to live up to the standard raised by […]

Honkai: Star Rail vs. Genshin Impact – a comparison of HoYoverse’s open-world titles

Honkai: Star Rail is HoYoverse’s upcoming open-world turn-based RPG. As a sequel to the Honkai Impact 3rd series, it meshes old and new characters, taking them along a Trailblazing journey across the universe. Since the game was first announced, the community has found plenty of parallels between Honkai: Star Rail and its highly-acclaimed predecessor, Genshin […]

Honkai: Star Rail Q&A with HoYoverse, from combat plans, gacha system, and more

Following Genshin Impact’s massive success, HoYoverse has brought another ambitious title to the table—Honkai: Star Rail, a sequel to the original Honkai Impact 3rd that doubles up as a standalone for new fans to enjoy. With an incredible team behind its development, Honkai: Star Rail is shaping up to be a compelling game that expands […]

Honkai: Star Rail’s second closed beta test sign-ups are underway

HoYoverse announced that the second round of closed beta tests for its newest title, Honkai: Star Rail, is open for registration on the official site until May 15, 2022. The role-playing game will be available on PC, iOS, and Android, and will feature a beginner-friendly, turn-based combat system with expansive maps and mazes. Players can […]

Honkai: Star Rail showcases first character trailer for March 7th ahead of release

HoYoverse’s upcoming game, Honkai: Star Rail, just released a YouTube video showcasing one of the first playable characters in the game. March 7th is a bubbly, pink-haired girl who was once trapped in eternal ice. She was rescued by the Astral Express and became a key member of its crew since then. However, her predicament […]