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As you progress your account in Honkai: Star Rail, you'll unlock Relics, the equivalent of Artifacts from Genshin Impact. One way to obtain Relics is by completing Cavern of Corrosion challenges. Here again, you'll be facing challenges and spending Trailblaze Power to beat RNG and obtain the best ones to beef up your characters. Not sure where to start? We can help. Here's a complete guide to Cavern of Corrosion in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Honkai Star Rail Cavern of Corrosion Challenges

There are six Cavern of Corrosion Challenges in Honkai: Star Rail. They house 12 different Relic Sets, two at each location. Keep in mind that Relic Sets only include four types of Relic Pieces: Head, Hands, Body, and Feet. The other two types of Relic Pieces, Planar Spheres, and Link Ropes, can only be obtained in the Simulated Universe.

To unlock Cavern of Corrosion challenges, you'll need to encounter one in the Corridor of Fading Echoes while completing The Star are Cold Toys Main Story Mission near the end of Chapter One.

Every time you want to collect rewards from the Cavern of Corrosion, you'll need to spend 40 Trailblaze Power. You won't be able to farm the best Relics efficiently until you are able to tackle Difficulty Level VI challenges. Because of this, we don't recommend new players spend much time or Trailblaze Power attempting to obtain Relics until they reach level 40.

Cavern of Corrosion, Path of Gelid Wind

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The Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Gelid Wind holds the Hunter of Glacial Forest and Eagle of Twilight Line. It is found in the Storage Zone of Herta Space Station. The first set is great for Ice DPS characters such as Herta or Yanqing. The former is better for Wind units, DPS or otherwise, so this would be great for Bronya, Dan Heng, or Sampo.

You'll be fighting in two battles which include several different enemies: a Voidranger Trampler, Voidranger Reavers, Voidranger Eliminators, and a Voidranger Distorter. They have a mixed bag of weaknesses, but most predominantly, Physical, Wind, and Imaginary.

Best Team Comps for Path of Gelid Wind

Because this Cavern includes enemies from the beginning stages of the game, as long as they are properly leveled, a team of Physical Trailblazer, March 7th, Dan Heng, and Asta would probably do fine. Here's another example of a four-star unit team you could use to face this challenge:

  • Natasha, Sushang, Dan Heng, and Sampo

If you have either Clara, Welt, or Bronya, they can be substituted into this team. Welt and Bronya would likely replace Sampo. Clara would make a good substitute for Sushang.

Cavern of Corrosion, Path of Jabbing Punch

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You can find the Path of Jabbing Punch Cavern of Corrosion in the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone on Jarilo-VI. It houses the Champion of Streetwise Boxing and Thief of Shooting Meteor Relic Sets. The first does really well with Physical DPS characters like the Physical Trailblazer, Clara, or Sushang. The second set is universally good on most attackers and can be used effectively as a two or four-piece set. We recommend it for units with bounce skills that can attack both mobs and bosses effectively, like Asta.

This battle will pit you against robotic enemies—an Automaton Grizzly, Automaton Beetles, Automaton Hounds, and Automaton Spiders. Lightening units will be key here.

Best Team Comps for Path of Jabbing Punch

Here are examples of free-to-play teams we can recommend for this fight:

  • March 7th, Serval, Arlan, Tingyun
  • Jing Yuan, Pela, Himeko/Asta, Fire Trailblazer

You could also use Bailu in place of March 7th as your sustaining character in the team. Just be aware that Arlan prefers to fight at low health with a shield, so you might want to replace him with another DPS unit that would be effective against the Grizzly, such as Asta or Hook.

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Cavern of Corrosion, Path of Drifting

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This will be the first Cavern of Corrosion that you find in the Corridor of Fading Echoes and subsequently text Welt about. It holds two important Relic Sets—the Passerby of Wandering Cloud and the Musketeer of Wild Wheat set. The first set you'll need for your healers, Bailu or Natasha. The second set is more of a Universal DPS set. It can be used as a two-piece or four-piece set and helps most units, but is not the best in slot for any characters that we know of right now.

You'll be fighting Fragmentum monsters here— a Searing Prowler, Incineration Shadewalkers, Imaginary Weavers, and Frostspawns. Here again, there is a general mix of weaknesses to take into account.

Best Team Comps for Path of Drifting

Because you can't take advantage of every weakness, we recommend focusing on the weaknesses of the boss: Ice, Lightning, and Imaginary. Here's an example of a four-star team you could build to face this challenge:

  • March 7th, Serval, Tingyun, Arlan/Herta

If you have either Bailu or Gepard, they can replace March 7th, but again, be wary of using Bailu with Arlan. Welt can also be subbed into this team, likely taking the spot of Arlan or Tingyun.

Cavern of Corrosion, Path of Providence

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The Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Providence can be found on Everwinter Hill, past the Echo of War Challenge you unlock by defeating Cocolia the first time. Here you can obtain the Guard of Wuthering Snow and the Genius of Brilliant Stars Relic sets. Both of these sets are a little more niche, but the first works well for March 7th, Fire Trailblazer, or Gepard. The second for Seele or Qingque.

More Fragmentum monsters can be found here. They include a Decaying Shadow, Imaginary Weavers, Incineration Shadewalkers, and Frostspawns.

Best Team Comps for Path of Providence

The Decaying Shadow is a formidable enemy, so focus on its weaknesses: Fire, Wind, and Lightning. Don't forget—you'll always need to keep a Sustaining unit in your team as well. Here's our four-star team example.

  • Natasha, Asta, Serval, Dan Heng

If you have Bailu, you could use her in place of Natasha for an Elemental advantage. You could also replace Asta with either Himeko or Bronya if you happen to have those characters.

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Cavern of Corrosion, Path of the Holy Hymn

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This Cavern of Corrosion can be found in Cloudford on the Xianzhou Luofu. It holds the Knight of Purity Palace and Band of Sizzling Thunder Relic Sets. The first set is particularly good for shielders and is another option to use for Gepard or March 7th, while the second is best for Lightning DPS characters like Arlan and Serval.

You'll be fighting a Blaze Out of Space here, as well as Imaginary Weavers, Thunderspawns, and Masks of No Thought. They largely share weaknesses to Physical, so plan to use at least two characters with that element.

Best Team Comps for Path of the Holy Hymn

Here's an example of a four-star unit team we can recommend for this fight:

  • Natasha, Physical Trailblazer, March 7th, Sushang

If you have some on-element five-star units in your roster, Clara, Yanqing, or Seele, they could replace the other DPS units in this team or even a Sustainer. Make sure to keep at least one healer or shielder in your team, though. Gepard could also replace March 7th if you choose.

Cavern of Corrosion, Path of Conflagration

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The Path of Conflagration is on the lower level of the Stargazer Navalia on the Xianzhou Luofu. Here you can find the Firesmith of Lava-Forging set, which is great for Himeko or Hook, as well as the Wastelander of Banditry Desert, which works well for Welt.

There are several enemies in this challenge that are unique to the Xianzhou Luofu, including an Aurumaton Gatekeeper, Mara-Struck Soldiers, Entranced Ingenium: Illumination Dragonfishes, Entranced Ingenium: Obedient Dracolions, and Entranced Ingenium: Golden Cloud Toads. There are a lot of Weaknesses you could choose to aim for, but the game recommends Lightning, Wind, and Quantum.

Best Team Comps for Path of Conflagration

Here's an example of a four-star unit team we can recommend for this fight:

  • Natasha, Serval, Dan Heng, Tingyun

Of course, if you have Bailu, she could replace Natasha. Tingyun could easily be replaced by Bronya, and Seele could take either Dan Heng or Serval's place.

Cavern of Corrosion, Path of Elixir Seekers

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This newest Cavern of Corrosion, the Path of Elixir Seekers, is located in the Alchemy Commission, next to the Medicine Bureau warp point. Here, you can farm for the Longevous Disciple set, which is perfect for Destruction characters like Blade, and the Messenger Traversing Hackerspace set, which is good for support characters like Asta.

No matter what your team looks like, it needs at least one Ice and one Wind unit to be efficient. The enemies you'll be facing are the many disciples of Sanctus Medicus.

Best Team Comps for Path of Elixir Seekers

While Ice units are particularly scarce at the moment, here's a free-to-play-unit team that can carry you through this stage:

  • Pela, Sampo, Asta/Natasha, Fire Trailblazer

If we were you, we'd borrow a Yanqing from a friend who has one, just to cover all our bases. Naturally, if you have five-star Wind characters that can AoE (like Blade), feel free to bring them to this fight as well.

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