Brandon Sanderson to reveal universe details in Moonbreaker Lore Showcase

Brandon Sanderson, the author of the Mistborn series, The Stormlight Archive, and more, will present a Moonbreaker Lore Showcase with Charlie Cleveland, Game Director for Moonbreaker, on September 27, 2022. Moonbreaker is a turn-based strategy game meant to replicate a tabletop tactics experience. It has already had two free-to-play test weekends and is set to open for Early Access on September […]

Best Candace builds in Genshin Impact – Weapons, Artifacts, & more!

Candace will be the first four-star Hydro character to be introduced in a Genshin Impact update. Both Barbara and Xingqiu were present in the initial release of the game. Naturally, fans are excited for her as a first for the game and a beautifully designed character. We’ve got some guidance if you’ve added her to your roster […]

Where to find Milkweed Flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With many flowers growing all around your Village in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may be a bit confused with all the varieties and colors. There’s Daisies, Hydrangeas, and two types of Penstemons. As you progress even further in the game, you might find that you need Milkweed Flowers. Here’s where to find them. Where to […]