All Warp Trotter Locations (Map) in Honkai Star Rail

Intergalactic boar hunting.

As you return to earlier areas in Honkai: Star Rail to hunt for treasures or complete side missions, you may run into these quivering pigs called Warp Trotters.

Warp Trotters remind us of the Metal Slimes from the Dragon Quest series—you may find it just as tricky to tackle these beasts as they quickly run away from battle. However, if you manage to defeat them in time, there are plenty of rewards in it for you! That said, here's the location of every Warp Trotter in Honkai: Star Rail.

Where to find every Honkai Star Rail Warp Trotter

Updated as of v1.5

All Warp Trotters on Herta Space Station

There is one Warp Trotter in every combat zone of Honkai: Star Rail. Generally, you can only find them by returning after you've completed the Main Story in that section of the map. They will only spawn once and will not respawn once defeated. You can find three on the Herta Space Station.

Storage Zone

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The Warp Trotter in the Storage Zone spawns in the first-floor room in the bottom-left corner of the map.

Supply Zone

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You can find the Supply Zone Warp Trotter in a middle antechamber where you solve puzzles in the Sensitive Beings Side Mission.

Base Zone

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The Base Zone Warp Trotter spawns in the crook of the left hallway near the top of the map.

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All Warp Trotters on Jarilo-VI

Eight Warp Trotters can be found on Jarilo-VI.

Outlying Snow Plains

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This Warp Trotter can be found nearby the Crimson Calyx for Ascension Materials corresponding to the Path of The Hunt.

Backwater Pass

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This Warp Trotter is at roughly the halfway point, near an area the game would not let you enter when progressing through the story.

Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

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This Warp Trotter is in a southern alleyway near the Energy Construct you need to repair in the Main Story.

Corridor of Fading Echoes

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This Warp Trotter is also in a southwestern alleyway.

Everwinter Hill

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After defeating Cocolia the first time, you can find this Warp Trotter on your way to the Cavern of Corrosion nearby.

Great Mine

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This Warp Trotter is hiding around some derelict storefronts and housing in the northern portion of the map, nearby the entrance.

Rivet Town

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There's a small alleyway in the southeastern corner of Rivet Town that leads to a Formidable Foe. The Warp Trotter can also be found there.

Robot Settlement

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The last Warp Trotter on Jarilo-VI is at the very Southern tip of the Robot Settlement Map, nearby Svarog and Clara.

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All Warp Trotters on the Xianzhou Luofu

You can find six Warp Trotters on the Xianzhou Luofu. Even if the end of the current story occurs here, there may be other Warp Trotters added if more maps are unlocked.

Cloudford Warp Trotter

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The Cloudford Warp Trotter is in the Northern portion of the map. Use the northernmost Space Anchor, then head south down the stairs to find it.

Stargazer Navalia

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The Stargazer Navalia Warp Trotter is in a locked room that you won't be able to enter while progressing the story. Instead, return to the central Space Anchor in the south, and open the locked door to the north of the Trotter to find him.

Divination Commission

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This Warp Trotter is fairly easy to find. It's located in the southern portion of the map nearby a Hexanexus puzzle.

Artisanship Commission

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Finally, this last Warp Trotter can be found in the southern portion of the Artisanship Commission. To reach it, you'll need to defeat the Abundant Ebon Deer during the main story, return to the stage where you fought him, then work your way south along the map to find him.

Alchemy Commission

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The Warp Trotter is located on the second floor of the Alchemy Commission. It should have its back turned on you if you approach it from the right side.

Scalegorge Waterscape

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You'll find this area's Warp Trotter on the rightmost part of the Scalegorge Waterscape. We found it after the battle with Phantylia the Undying.

Fyxestroll Garden

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You can find the Fyxestroll Garden Warp Trotter at the bottom left of the map. The area only unlocks while completing the Trailblaze Continuance Mission called Sojourner’s Ghastly Reverie.

How to defeat Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail

Warp Trotters are speedy, and they will only give you two turns before they run away from the battle completely. To counter this, you'll need to use Physical, Imaginary, or Quantum characters to immediately attack the Warp Trotter and inflict Weakness Break before it can run away. You'll need at least two characters on your team with these Elements. It will be easier to defeat the Warp Trotter if you have three or four. Do not use auto battle in these fights, as it will frequently prioritize other enemies.

The free-to-play characters that can be used for this are the Physical Trailblazer, Natasha, and Qingque. If you've pulled Sushang, Clara, Welt, or Seele from the Gacha, you'll have an extra advantage.

Why you should hunt Warp Trotters in Honkai Star Rail?

Warp Trotters are actually considered a treasure in Honkai: Star Rail. Once you've found one and defeated it, it will not reappear the next day like other enemies. That's because defeating Warp Trotters awards you with 60 Stellar Jade, a premium currency that you can obtain via gameplay or purchase.

In the top-left corner of the Map Screen, you'll be able to see whether there is a Warp Trotter in an area and whether you've defeated it or not by clicking on the Treasures drop-down arrow.

Want a quick way to gain a little extra Stellar Jade? We imagine Honkai: Star Rail will continue to add more Warp Trotters as the game expands. In the meantime, do you need help finding all the Stellar Jade in the Treasure Chests Sprinkled around? Check out All Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai Star Rail here at Pro Game Guides!

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All Warp Trotter Locations (Map) in Honkai Star Rail

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