Best Matching Profile Pictures for anime lovers (2022)

We know that you want your favorite matching couple moments in anime as a profile picture (PFP). Some of these iconic anime couples have made us feel all the emotions as we’ve watched their love stories unfold in our favorite anime shows. Use the following matching PFPs on social media like Instagram, Discord, Facebook, and […]

Best Aesthetic PFPs to use in 2022

Whether you are in a bad mood or a good mood, there are certain characters from your favorite animes that understand how you are feeling. These anime characters are either dressed the way you want or have a look about them that matches your energy. We have the best aesthetic profile pictures (PFPs) from the […]

Best Discord Profile Pictures (PFPs) in 2022

So you want that perfect profile picture for your Discord? You have come to the right place! We have made sure that you can download your favorite moments and characters from your favorite animes. Use these as your Discord profile picture to show how knowledgeable you genuinely are about anime. We have all your favorite […]

Best Anime Girls Pfps and Profile Pictures

Our favorite animes are full of badass girls. They make us laugh and can wield some of the most incredible powers throughout all anime history. There is no better way than grabbing one of our Pfps of the Best Anime Girls and using it for your profile pic on Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and Reddit. You […]

Best cool Pfps to Download

We all want to have the coolest Pfps to show off our anime knowledge! We here at Pro Game Guides want you to have the coolest profile pictures, and that is why we have compiled this list of the coolest anime characters and moments in anime history. Download any of these Pfps to be the […]