Crown Tundra: Legendary Pokémon Shiny List

Want a list of Shiny Legendary Pokémon you can capture? Look no further!

The Crown Tundra is finally here; now, players can begin to amass every single Legendary Pokémon from Gen 1-8 in one single game, without the use of Pokémon Home. These Legendaries can be caught in numerous ways, from solving riddles inscribed upon ancient tombs or simply reaching the end of Dynamax Adventures! What's even better to hear that a lot of these Legendary Pokémon can actually be shinies; even though shiny variants are extremely rare, it's entirely possible to find them.

Shiny List

To find a shiny is a monumental occasion, as shiny Pokémon are very rare. Normally you have a 1 in 4096 encounters to find one! But now, with Dynamax Adventures, it might not be as hard as it once was, especially when it comes to Legendaries. Across each generation of games, Legendary Pokémon has been one of the biggest staples, as having a team of Legendaries can more or less defeat everything in your path. Yet there is nothing more satisfying than having a team of shiny Legendaries for bragging rights, especially when it comes to competitive play!

Now here is a list of all shiny Legendary Pokémon in the Crown Tundra:

  • Gen 1
    • Articuno (Ice-Flying)
    • Zapdos (Electric-Flying)
    • Moltres (Fire-Flying)
    • Mewtwo (Psychic)
  • Gen 2
    • Raikou (Electric)
    • Entei (Fire)
    • Suicune (Water)
    • Lugia (Psychic-Flying)
    • Ho-Oh (Fire-Flying)
  • Gen 3
    • Latias (Dragon-Psychic)
    • Latios (Dragon-Psychic)
    • Kyogre (Water)
    • Groudon (Ground)
    • Rayquaza (Dragon-Flying)
    • Regirock (Ground)
    • Regice (Ice)
    • Registeel (Steel)
  • Gen 4
    • Uxie (Psychic)
    • Mesprit (Psychic)
    • Azelf (Psychic)
    • Dialga (Steel-Dragon)
    • Palkia (Water-Dragon)
    • Heatran (Fire-Steel)
    • Giratina (Ghost-Dragon)
    • Cresselia (Psychic)
    • Regigigas (Normal)
  • Gen 5
    • Tornadus (Flying)
    • Thundurus (Electric-Flying)
    • Reshiram (Dragon-Fire)
    • Zekrom (Dragon-Electric)
    • Landorus (Ground-Flying)
    • Kyurem (Dragon-Ice)
    • Cobalion (Steel-Fighting)
    • Terrakion (Rock-Fighting)
    • Virizion (Grass-Fighting)
  • Gen 6
    • Xerneas (Fairy)
    • Yveltal (Dark-Flying)
    • Zygarde (Dragon-Ground)
  • Gen 7
    • Tapu Koko (Electric-Fairy)
    • Tapu Lele (Psychic-Fairy)
    • Tapu Bulu (Grass-Fairy)
    • Tapu Fini (Water-Fairy)
    • Solgaleo (Psychic-Steel)
    • Lunala (Psychic-Ghost)
    • Nihilego (Rock-Poison)
    • Buzzwole (Bug-Fighting)
    • Pheromosa (Bug-Fighting)
    • Xurkitree (Electric)
    • Celesteela (Steel-Flying)
    • Kartana (Grass-Steel)
    • Guzzlord (Dark-Dragon)
    • Necrozma (Psychic)
    • Stakataka (Rock-Steel)
    • Blacephalon (Fire-Ghost)
  • Gen 8
    • Regieliki (Electric)
    • Regidrago (Dragon)

Shiny Odds

To get the best odds of getting a shiny Legendary, play through Dynamax Adventures. According to dataminers, the odds of encountering a shiny variant have been cut dramatically in the Crown Tundra DLC.

Pokemon from dynamax adventures are rolled to be forced shiny. Odds are exactly 1/300 without shiny charm, exactly 1/100 with shiny charm. This uses cryptographically secure randomness, so no RNG. All shinies found this way will be stars (xor result = 1).

The chance of being forced shiny on a dynamax adventure is applied to every pokemon you defeated, including the legendary, to be extra clear. Thus overall odds of at least one shiny in adventure results are ~4/300 = 1/75 without shiny charm, ~4/100 = 1/25 with shiny charm.


These odds actually count for all Pokémon captured in Dynamax Adventures, not just Legendaries.

Though some of the Legendaries are not available in Dynamax Adventures, so the odds are 1 in 4096 encounters to find one! If you have the Shiny Charm you obtain for completing the Pokédex; the rates are 1 in 1365.33 - so don't go getting your hopes up!

However, there are a few Legendary Pokémon that are Shiny Locked. For more information on what that means, follow our guide!

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Crown Tundra: Legendary Pokémon Shiny List

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