Realm Royale Best Weapons and Guns – Legendaries, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, and More!

Take a look at a list of the best weapons in Realm Royale!

We're taking a look at all of the best weapons you can find in Realm Royale. I'll be separating out the sections in terms of weapons you get out of chests and weapon boxes, with Legendary weapons that can only be crafted. Expect a lot of changes to this list as the game gets updated. It is currently in Alpha so things can change quite often.

There's basically two real type of weapon in Realm Royale. Something I call secondaries, and then Legendary weapons. Most classes currently will fully rely on their Legendary weapons. They will then run a second weapon that can sometimes be used, but for classes like Warrior and Hunter they will very rarely even switch. For Assassin, Engineer, and Mage, however, they will have to rely more heavily on these secondary weapons.

Check out our Realm Royale Weapons List to learn more about damage stats and what's available!

Best Lootable/Secondary Weapons List

Please keep in mind that this is largely subjective and can be reliant on your playstyle. If you are a more in your face player then you might rank Swords higher than I would, but I am trying to take a general overall look at the weapons and rank them accordingly.

This list has the best guns at the top and the worst at the bottom!

Slug Rifle

Now that just about all weapons are projectile, it looks like the slug rifle with its high damage is one of the best options to go with.


A solid up close and person weapon that can be good as an off-weapon for classes that have long range legendaries like Assassin and Hunter. Good damage, but can do some weak damage if you are only hitting with part of the shotgun blast.


Buffed damage makes this a better weapon than it was and can make for a quality secondary option to your class weapon or rifle/shotgun.


Not great damage and has a slow fire time. You also have to compensate for projectile lag which makes this just a weak overall weapon.

Got a pretty significant bump up in damage, it might be worth it to start trying to run the Crossbow!


Swords do a ton of damage and can be good in the right build and playstyle. They are pretty good in the early game because you can do big chunks of damage no matter the rarity of the Sword. They are a very all-in item that either require you to be super aggressive or very sneaky to get in close enough to hit someone with it.

Heirloom Rifle

Was a hitscan weapon, but is now projectile. The damage was also reduced, but it can fire relatively quickly. Pretty weak now, and has an odd place in the game because it's similar to the Slug Rifle.

Poison Pistol

Very limited ranged and slow fire time. Can be good in the early game, especially when people don't have healing potions and are eliminated due to the damage over time this gun deals.

Best Legendary Weapons

Here are the weapons that are exclusive to each class! This list is a bit less subjective, but depending on who you play a lot of you might like some better than others.

Hunter's Longbow

With a shot doing 900 damage at over a half-draw this weapon is pretty insane. Couple that with the fact that you can shoot quickly if a player is close range. The hitbox and damage was nerfed a bit, but this is still one of the best legendary weapons.

Assassin's Sniper Rifle

The only weapon in the game that can one-shot an enemy to the head from a full 2,400 armor/hp. It's a bit on the slower end that makes it a bit weaker than the longbow and the throwing axe, but in the right hands it's an insane weapon.

Warrior's Throwing Axe

Does a lot of damage and you can get in close with Warrior's abilities. The hitbox was nerfed and hitting people with the axe is way more difficult. This makes the weapon a lot worse and can be unreliable.

Engineer's Plasma Launcher

Does decent damage and can splash and hit multiple enemies. However, it has a low range and a fire rate. You also can hit yourself with the splash damage if you are not careful where you are firing.

Mage's Stone Spear

Fires off multiple projectiles that are pretty slow and makes it really weak at medium to long range. It would also be really hard to hit anyone with all of the projectiles unless they are up close or they run into it. This means you won't be doing all of the potential damage it can do the majority of the time making it the the weakest Legendary in the game currently.

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