Realm Royale Mage Class Guide – Tips, Abilities, Builds, Legendary Weapon

Mage is one of five classes you can choose from in Realm Royale. Learn all about it with our guide!

Our Realm Royale Mage class guide will run you through all of the class's abilities, builds, legendary weapon, and some tips to get ahead as the fire slinging Mage!

It's very early in the life of Realm Royale. The game is in Alpha so a lot of things can change in the near future. However, we can't resist taking a look at all of the classes in a bit more detail. We'll be updating this guide as the game evolves, but for now check out how to get better with the Mage class right now!

Mage Passive Ability

Mage gains 30% potion effectiveness as their passive. This will make potions that heal and restore your armor give you 520 of each instead of 400.

Mage Abilities

Mage's abilities can lean defensively or offensively. I would tend to lean towards the offensive, because I'm not super impressed by Wall. However, I think Ice Block is pretty good and can help buy you enough time to survive certain situations.

  • Soar: Fly through the air.
  • Explosive Flask: Throw an explosive flask that slows enemies.
  • Fireball: A ball of fire that passes through enemies.
    • Fireball does damage and can pass through enemies to hit other people. Higher rarities do more damage, the legendary version does 900!
  • Ice Block: Become immune to all damage for Xs. Cannot move or attack.
    • You cannot move while Ice Block is engaged, but you will take no damage. You heal about 400 hp over the 3 seconds (this likely improves with higher rarity).
  • Wall: A wall that blocks movement.
    • Defensive ability that can provide cover in open spaces or block off enemies.

Aggressive Fire Build: Explosive Flask & Fireball

This build can be run to burst down enemies with your spells and then finish with a gun. You can also run this with a Sword, hit enemies up with the abilities, and then go in on a soar and slash them down!

Standard Build: Fireball, Ice Block

This would be the build I probably run just in general. Use Fireball to get chunks of damage off cooldowns, and use Ice Block to buy yourself some time if necessary. Ice Block is a better skill if you are in a duo or squad because you also are giving your enemies time to heal up or re-position.

Legendary Weapon

Stone Spear: 300 Damage, 1.2 Shot per second.

Now at first glance this seems pretty weak, but it's better than the stats show. When you fire the Stone Spear at someone it fires multiple projectiles that do 300 damage each. The projectiles are not hitscan, so you'll have to lead your shots and they do take a bit to get to their target. They've recent upgraded this weapon with more damage and faster projectiles. However, compared to other classes, it is probably one of the weaker legendary weapons in the game currently.

It should be noted that this is more of a close ranged weapon. You don't want to use it at long distance because you'll likely miss the majority of your shots. You can run this if you want to be aggressive and get close to your enemy.

Mage Tips

Here are some general tips that should help you get better with the Mage class.

  • Use your Soar ability to get the high ground. Some movement abilities are better than others for this, Mage's is one of the better ones. You can fly up to high grounds that not every class can reach, which can be defensive or offensive.
  • You can soar through SOME windows, use this to your advantage tactically for flanking or gaining high ground on your enemies. You can also grab loot in the second floor of a building if someone is looting the first floor.
  • Upgrade your Abilities as soon as possible. Mage is very reliant on its damage dealt with them, and the higher rarity you get the more damage you will do. You will also get a reduction in cooldown time which makes them usable more often.
  • You'll also want to prioritize getting a higher grade Helmet. Epic and Legendary versions give you a percentage of cooldown reduction. If you are on a team crafting items, hopefully they will let you grab the helmet first.
  • Use your Ice Block ability to stall out opponents and gain some health back. You are completely immune to damage while in this form, so you have a bit of time to compose yourself. Be ready to make your move right after the timer releases, your enemy won't know exactly when this will happen.
  • You can cancel your Ice Block ability by hitting the ability again. Use this to vary up the timings so your opponent can't guess when you'll be jumping out.
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