Adopt Me Halloween Update 2020 – Pets & Details

It's almost time for the spooky season in Adopt Me!

The Adopt Me Halloween 2020 update has finally arrived in the game. If you've been saving up your Robux, or looking forward to getting some new pets, then now is the time to do it. There's five new pets that you can collect, four of which can be purchased with candy that can be collected for free in the game. There's also a whole mess of new items that can also be obtained via candy. The event started on October 28th and will be running until November 11th!

Release Date Information

Adopt Me's Halloween update was released on October 28th and started at 8am PT. Check out the following video to see everything that is available during this spooky new addition of the game:

Halloween Candy

If you want to learn all about the candy you can collect in Adopt Me, check out our How-to Get Halloween Candy guide!

Pumpkin Pet

If you play the Pumpkin Smash minigame, you will get yourself a temporary Pumpkin pet! This pet has fly and ride already equipped to it, so you can jump on it and take to the skies. Unfortunately, this pet will disappear at the end of the event, so make sure to get your use out of it before it goes away!

Halloween Pets

There are five new pets that you can collect in the Halloween update. These are Cerberus, Ghost Bunny, Skele-Rex, Normal Bat, and Albino Bat! Cerberus is the only pet that requires Robux, you can purchase the rest with candy that you can earn during the event!


If you want to get yourself the Skele-Rex pet, it will cost you 10,000 candy!

Adopt Me Skeleton T-Rex

Ghost Bunny

The Ghost Bunny will scare all of your friends and can be purchased for 4,000 Candy!

Normal and Albino Bat

To get a Normal or Albino Bat, you will need to purchase Bat Boxes which are 1,000 Candy each. You have a 4 out of 5 chance to get a Normal Bat, and a 1 in 5 chance to get an Albino Bat. That means you have a 20% chance to get the Albino, which isn't terrible odds, but they aren't great either!


If you've never heard of Cerberus, it is a mythological multi-headed dog. Harry Potter fans will no doubt remember one being in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! In Harry Potter, Hagrid has one as a pet named Fluffy! It is quite a large animal, but in Adopt Me it appears to be more average sized. Cerberus can be purchased for 500 Robux.

Other Details

There are two minigames you can participate in to get candy that can be used to purchase a variety of items. These includes pets, toys, strollers, vehicles, drums, and a lot more. You will find all of this available in the Halloween shop with the Headless Horseman! You can get there fast by using the teleport option on the side of your screen.

Outside of the shop is where you can find and participate in the minigames. There are two available: Pumpkin Smash and Spirit Showdown. The Pumpkin Smash has you running around a small area collecting pumpkins! The more you collect before time runs out, the more free candy you will receive. The Spirit Showdown straps a ghost catching pack on your back, and allows you to click on ghosts that you will suck up. After enough ghosts have been collected, you will face off against the ghost boss! Click on it to start trying to catch it, just watch out for its attacks or you will be frozen in place!

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  1. I like this web it’s helpful I reccomed it

  2. What time will it end at?
    (US time)

    1. It hasn’t been announced yet as far as I know.

  3. so- does the albino bats or normal bats/ghost bunnies/skele-rex stay after the event?

    1. No, those will be leaving.

  4. Is the ceberus about to stay quit awile just like the kitsune? I want to buy the cebrus but my mom and dad blocked my card for awhile…. ;-;

    1. Yes, it’s going to stay around for a while.

  5. Hey quick question..what pets are fair for a normal albino bat?I wanna trade it but idk what it’s worth.

  6. How long is the ceberus pet in the game for

    1. Seems like it will be in the game for a while, there’s no end date.

  7. can a get the pumpkin now?

  8. What is worth more tho a albino or a ghost bunny (btw I have both nft) but idk with his one is worth more?

    1. I am new to this game

  9. are the adopt me pumpkin are going to leave?

    1. Yes, it leaves on November 11th.

  10. When is the wolf leaving?

    1. It isn’t leaving as far as I know. It should continue to be available like Kitsune.

  11. When is the halloween update going to end?

    1. November 11th.

        1. I don’t know, you’d need to check out Adopt Me’s social media to find out for times.

  12. How long does it take to make a neon bat with 2 accounts?

  13. Personally I like the Skele- Rex and I think it will be worth more in the feature but bats are very cute

  14. Hi do you know if the other buildings on the Halloween update are going to open? If so when? I am really hoping they bring back the candy Canon.

    1. I doubt it, but I don’t know for sure.

  15. HI i wanted to know how long the cerberus was going to stay because it say it will stay after halloween but does that mean it will stay forever like the kitsune?

    1. Not sure on how long, but I’m going to guess it will be similar to Kitsune.

  16. I love the Halloween update but i was wondering is the ghost bunny ultra rare or leg

    1. It’s Ultra-Rare.

  17. Hey Evident, do you know when the event ends?

    1. November 11th!

      1. In my opinion a ghost bunny is worth maybe 3 or 4 albino bats
        Just because the ghost bunnies are more loved then the albino bats!

  18. I love this update I rlly wanna stop those haters who hate this update! I only have the pumpkin stroller bat eyeball rattle crystal ball rattle and pumpkin but I love to play with them while waiting for a mini game!

  19. I like the albino bat

  20. i love the ghost bunny and albino bat it looks so cuute!!!!!

  21. what does the candy look like?

  22. I have a question. Is it better to buy 10 bat eggs or 1 skele-dino?

    1. I think the Skele-Rex is way better, but that’s just my opinion!

  23. when you play the ghost game, sometimes the boss ghost invertes your controles ex: the go front button is now go back and vice versa

  24. Evident. i got the pumpkin pet.

    1. Nice!

  25. This helped alot i Hope that they put the christmas update are you guys exicted for the christmas update?

  26. Hi! so I’m wondering if there will be like an evil unicorn or shadow dragon again but if there isn’t that’s fine but it’d be cool if you added those back! (not begging) also if you are adding them back this Halloween do you think they will be Robux pets or the same as last year? thanks for probably reading this!

    1. If you want to ask adopt me a question or give them a suggestion, go to their site. This is a fan site, not adopt me’s.

  27. How long do you think it would take to save up enough candy to get the skele-rex without purchasing any with robux 9so just playing the minigames)??

    1. It took me about 6 days to get a skelly trex. My high score is 4k in a day

    2. You can get around 150 candy every fifteen minutes from minigames. So, if you do four of those an hour you’ll have 600 candy. It would take about 17 hours just doing minigames. You also get free candy from the Headless Horseman, but it’s only 200 a day. You’ll have 2,800 if you collect it each day, which would take the time down a bit from doing minigames.

  28. Can the pumpkin be neon or is it like the chick

    1. It can’t be neon because it’s temporary and will be gone after the event is over.

  29. hello I have question. How do you get candy from not playing mini games?
    And also what pets are the new pets?

    1. You can play the minigames or buy candy with robux! Each day, there will be a few candes scattered you can find and collect! It won’t be that many, though.

    2. All the pets are listed in the post, you can find details on candy here:

  30. Hi! I got really lucky and got 4 albino bats in a row!! what will a neon albino bat be worth in the future, and what are the odds of that happening? Thank you!

    1. Anybody have a ghost bunny I’m willing to trade a penguin and a stegosaurus or something else like a normal bat ( not begging just asking for fair offer)