How to get the Metaverse Backpack in Roblox

Complete this fun scavenger hunt for a free Metaverse Backpack!

Roblox created brand new Avatar items to celebrate the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards. The best part? These items are available for free to all players! However, you'll have to participate in special Bloxy Awards events to earn them, like completing a scavenger hunt for the Metaverse Backpack.

How to get the Metaverse Backpack in Roblox

To get the Metaverse Backpack in Roblox, you'll need to complete a scavenger hunt within the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards game. There are eight items in total to collect and they are scattered throughout the game area. Luckily the area isn't too large, so finding them shouldn't require a lot of time.

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However, a couple of these items are hidden in difficult spots. Read on below for the exact locations of all eight scavenger hunt items.

Note: While it isn't necessary to complete the scavenger hunt in any particular order, we suggest following along step-by-step to this guide. We believe that some items are easier to find when gathered in this order.

Item One: Ticket - Updated Location

Update March 29, 2021: Roblox removed the speakers that were on the Ground Floor. Because of this removal, they have moved the location of the ticket. We've updated Item One: Ticket with the new location, with a new picture provided.

One of the first items you'll find is a Ticket, which can be found directly between a concession stand and window, on the ground floor area where you spawn.

When you spawn into the Hub game, look toward the large window. Once you're facing the window, look toward the left concession stand—the ticket is right behind that shop.

Item Two: Plushie

The second item you'll want to grab after the Ticket is the first Plushie. The Plushie is located above one of the concession stands, atop a hanging ledge.

For further context, you'll want to climb the concession stand that is located closest to the Bloxy Award speakers, on the left side of the area. Once you're near the correct concession stand, run up the ramp and jump toward the hanging ledge. When you've made the jump successfully, the Plushie will be available to collect.

Item Three: Ticket

The second Ticket is still located in the Shop area. You'll find the Ticket directly on top of one of the concession stands. The correct Shop to climb is the concession stand located in the far-right corner of the main area. Once found, run up the ramp to collect the Ticket.

Don't worry if you've climbed the wrong Shop; there are four Shops in total, so you're bound to find the Ticket eventually.

Note: Don't leave this spot just yet! The next item is located close by, and you might get confused if you run away from this concession stand.

Item Four: Imagination Core

The Imagination Core item can be found directly on the large TV screen in the main area. However, climbing your way to the TV can be difficult if you don't know where to look!

To find the Imagination Core, we recommend starting at the Item 3: Plushie location. This corner of the room is exactly where you want to be. Once you're at the Item 3: Plushie location, look down at the open path where the TV hangs. In the right corner there is a thin, dark grey ledge (see image below) that can be climbed to the top of the TV screen.

Once you're at that dark grey ledge, press jump multiple times until you've reached the top. From there, you can drop to the TV screen and collect the Imagination Core.

Item Five: Bloxy Cola

The Bloxy Cola item isn't too much trouble to find. Once you've exited the Shop area and entered the Walkway, immediately look left. You'll find the Bloxy Cola item resting in the corner.

For further context, the Bloxy Cola item can be collected by locating the floating piggy in the Walkway area.

Item Six: Plushie

Finding the second Plushie might be confusing; it definitely confused us at first. While most of the glowing windows on either side of the Walkway are closed off, you can actually enter the glowing window with the floating house.

Once you've entered the window with the floating house, the Plushie can be found floating behind the house.

Item Seven: Wrench

You'll find the Wrench item directly parallel of the force field. To find the force field, travel through the Walkway until you reach the very end of the area. This area is where players will hop aboard the Metaverse journey experience during the main Bloxy Awards event. The Wrench is hiding behind one of the large lights.

A Fun Note: If you accidentally touch the force field, your Avatar will go limp and float around for a couple of seconds!

Item Eight: Helmet

The Helmet is found in the same area as the Item Seven: Wrench, albeit on the opposite side. Just search in one of the corners around here and you won't be able to miss the Helmet resting on the floor.

And that's all eight of the item locations! You'll know you've found all of the items if a Badge Notification appears in the bottom-right corner of your screen. If you've missed the Badge notification, don't worry: the Metaverse Backpack will automatically be placed in your Roblox Inventory, ready to be equipped at your leisure.

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  1. The scavenger hunt thing is broken. It won’t give me the badge and the Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack.
    I correct all 8 items and won’t give me the badge and the backpack. What is wrong with the scavenger hunt thing?

    1. Same that is happening to me it’s broken 🙁

    2. That’s really strange, it sounds like a glitch.

      1. Same for me.

          1. Certain servers might be broken. Keep trying it by loading into another server. It took me 4 tries but I finally had it work for me.

      2. the same thing happened to me! its very strange.

      3. I also have a problem with getting the Metaverse backpack. I received all 8 items and waited. I did not get a badge. I then went off the game and checked in my inventory and I did not receive the backpack. I then tried again ensuring I have all 8 items, which I did. I still did not receive the backpack. Will I not get the backpack? Or will I receive it over time?

        1. Have you tried checking the Avatar section on the Roblox platform as well?

          1. Do you know any other way to get the backpack? Does it have to be on a specific device? I also thank you for creating this website and helping players with getting free items 🙂

          2. The only way to get the backpack is through the 8th Bloxy Awards scavenger hunt, it makes me sad to read that the quest has been glitching for some players!

          3. Yes, I have and the backpack isn’t there…sorry to bother you.

  2. I kept checking that I didn’t miss any items, and I am sure I didn’t. But why I went to the shop and pressed collect items, I didn’t the Metaverse Backpack in my inventory? I refreshed the page a million times, but still the same. What should I do????

    1. When you pressed Collect Items from the shop, you redeemed the Bloxy Builder’s Hat and Outfit, not the Metaverse Backpack. The Metaverse Backpack unlocks automatically once you’ve found all eight items. Are you sure you’ve found all of them?

  3. I collected all 8 items, but I check my inventory as well as my badges and I don’t have it…. is this a glitch??

    1. I am not sure. Dev Rel Development needs to fix the scavenger hunt thing.

    2. Weird, I’m not sure.

  4. thank you it would of took me like 12 hours if it wernt for this.

  5. Thank you! I got the backpack now! I really appreciate the work and effort you guys put into this website!

  6. as far as i know, it wasn’t behind the speakers. for me it was near the shops, by the window and hidden around there. i don’t know why, but try checking around the shop area and the window!

    1. Thanks for letting us know! When the Hub game opened last Thursday there were speakers on the ground floor. Checking now, it looks like Roblox removed those speakers. We’ve updated the page with the new location. Thanks again!

  7. I cant find the ticket i dont really know where is the speaker…

  8. I can’t find the ticket behind the bloxy award speaker. Nobody else seems to be having this problem.

    1. i am

    2. hi! i had the same problem, and i looked around a lot. it’s actually not behind the speakers anymore, i think (?) but where i found it was around the area with the shops, near the window. it’s around there, but im not absolutely sure! hope you find it 🙂

  9. Hey, it’s not working to get the ticket behind the speakers. It’s just not there. I went to different servers just to see if it was a bug in my server but I still couldn’t get it :(. Can you guys please help. It’s my last item so I can get the backpack :(.

    1. A lot of players appear to be having this problem. Unfortunately we aren’t sure why.

      1. Thanks for letting me know. I thought I was the only one.

  10. I cannot go through the glowing window to get Item Six: Plushie, i need help

  11. I can’t get through the floating house glass, how did you do it?

  12. I’m trying to enter the space with the house but there is actually glass there? I can’t seem to be able to enter

    1. Weird, is anyone else having this problem?

      1. I can’t get into the house window either, seems to be glass there

        1. That is strange, y’all… I just tested it out myself and I’m still able to go into the window. Weird. Maybe try again later to see if it’s just a glitch. Good luck!

  13. This helped me out bro this is the best website ever for me!!!!😘😘😘😘😍😍

  14. Thank you! This article helped me a lot, it also saved me a lot of time (basically it’s easier to just read this than watching 10-minute videos)

    1. So glad we could help!

  15. Yay I just got it

  16. OMG THIs Is Helpful Thank You For The Tip

  17. Hi, and thx!

  18. I got the backpack,thabks for your help

  19. thanks for the hard work its pay off
    admins in owner of roblox thanks for making items

  20. when will the imagination core, the Jparty plushie and the award winning smile be available?

    1. Most likely Saturday during the event

  21. when will the photo session will be over?

    1. Not sure, hopefully it lasts through the weekend!

  22. the wrench was the hardest for me!

    1. I actually found that one on Accident XD

    2. We had a hard time finding the plushie behind the house! xD