How to Make a Neon Pet in Adopt Me – Mega Neon Pets

Neon pets are an awesome addition to Adopt Me and will have you combining some of your pets together to obtain an impressive new variation that you can pal around with. Getting a neon pet can be costly, especially if the pet is rare, but it might be worthwhile if you want something to show off to your friends!

How to Get a Neon Pet

The first thing you are going to need to do is get four pets of the same type to full grown status. That means you need to take each one of those pets and run around doing chores to level them up (these are the pop ups that show at the top of your screen). Pets that aren't Neon have ages that you need to go through, here's a list of them from youngest to oldest:

  • Newborn
  • Junior
  • Pre Teen
  • Teen
  • Post Teen
  • Full Grown

Once you have four full grown pets of the same kind ready to go then you are ready to create yourself a neon pet! There is one thing you should be aware of before deciding on whether or not to go through with the process. You will lose the pets you decide to combine into the neon pet. You will basically be putting all four pets together and creating one new pet. So, if you've grown attached to these little guys, you might not want to do it.

If you've decided to go through with the process, you will want to go out to the Adoption Island. If you came from the neighborhood, you will immediately see a bridge. Run over to the bridge and jump into the water, and look to the middle area under it and you should see a door!

Go through that door and you will enter the cave area where you can transform your pets into a neon pet! Once you are in the cave, you will find four different colored circles surrounding a white one. You need to take out one of the fully grown pets that you have and place it in one of the colored areas. Repeat this process until you have a pet in each of the four colored circles.

Once you have placed the final pet into one of the circles they will be combined into a single neon version of that pet type! It will be a newborn, so you might want to go ahead and start leveling it up like you did with the other pets to get it some new tricks.

If you're curious what pets you can turn into neon, check out our Adopt Me Pets List for a full look at all of the pets you can collect in the game!

How to Get a Mega Neon Pet

Mega neon pets were introduced in an update added in April 2020. The transformation process is very similar to a regular neon pet, you need to have four fully grown neon pets and combine them in the cave to create a mega neon pet! The growth stages of a neon pet are different than a regular pet though, here's what they look like:

  • Reborn (Newborn)
  • Twinkle (Junior)
  • Sparkle (Pre Teen)
  • Flare (Teen)
  • Sunshine (Post Teen)
  • Luminous (Full Grown)

So, level them up the same way you did before with the regular pets and get all four of them to Luminous. Once you have that, return to Nixie's cave and place all four of your neon pets into the circles. This will transform them into a mega neon pet! Mega neon pets will glow a different color of the rainbow every 1 to 2 seconds making them quite vivid and particularly fun to look at!

That's everything we know about neon pets in Adopt Me right now. Let us know in the comments if you have any additional tips on how to get these sought after variations of pets!

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  1. This was so helpful you made my sister so happy she cried

  2. Can i ask if you turn your pet MEGA NEON would it be fly and ride??? or you should have to buy potions???

    1. Sorry, they don’t automatically get fly and ride. If you have more then one mega neon, you could probably trade them for a fly and ride potion! People are desperate for mega neons.

  3. i have a question i wanna make a neon red panada but only one of my red panda can ride will that wear off if i make a neon?

    1. The ride ability will not wear off if you turn it into a Neon. Same thing with fly potions.

  4. I have 2 neon dogs! Do you have a neon pet Evident? Do you even play adopt me?

    1. I don’t have a neon pet. I do have an account but I don’t play often.

  5. What if you have a ride/fly potion on them? Will you lose that affect?

    1. nope, it goes along with the neon pet!

  6. I wonder if you can still open the vault

    1. No, you can’t, unfortunately. It would be a very good secret hideout!

  7. This is very helpful.
    I have a question- Can you put 4 mega neon pets together?

    1. No, there’s only Mega Neon right now.

      1. I wish there is something like that in the future 😀

        1. ha! You asked the same thing I did! read mine over girl! But lucy me, I got a golden rat for free today (PS: I got scammed so this gril gave me a legendary golden rat)
          And plus my user is Tiffwithmi_Fandom, if you wanna play with me, then look for me

  8. I really like adopt me, And I just LOVE that you can even make a neon dog! I already have one neon dog that I got just today! I am planing to make a mega neon!

    1. PS I have two buffalos too, and a bunch of other pets, I am thinking of maybe I should make my neon bunny first, then I will make other ones, I have no legendarys, TAT sad, but I think even if I only have these pets, I can atleast make them neon! 🙂

      1. Nevermind, I got a legendary yesterday! =P

        1. Nvm agian! I traded that for a rideable dragon, do you guys think it’s a good trade?

          1. And nvm again, I got a legendary kangaroo, but sadly it was scammed from me, the user’s name is TrustTrader12231, pls help me report her, I reported, but it was no use…….:(

          2. yep an d nvm nvm nvm! I traded that away for a neon fly ride bunny! I am gonna make it mega, I already have a neon one

          3. And now I traded that away for a neon fly and ride cat, plus a monkey, koala and a founder’s key toy

          4. ffft! and nvm again! I traded that for a golden penguin XD

  9. This is dope… I got my four neon monkeys and I got confused about the age… good thing I found this… Hopefully I’ll get my mega neon monkey the next two days… And once the circus is gone… the value of monkeys will be higher

    1. I totally agree!

      1. I have four monkeys, and I am gonna make them neon too! wish me luck! 🙂

        1. good luck!
          i think im going to make a mega neon monkey! 😁😜

          1. opps! I traded everything I have to get a monkey! :))) now I have enough to make a mega neon monkey! :)))))

          2. awww thx! you are soooo lucky to be able to make a mega I don’t have any mega yet 🙁

  10. OMG!!! I wonder what happens if we put in four full grown mega neon pets in! What will it transform into?

    1. I don’t think anything happens!

      1. Oh, Really? But they might add a diffrent tyep of pet in the furtuer! ( Sorry, my spelling is not good, so no judging mwe)

        1. Maybe in the future they’ll add something, but for now I’m pretty sure there’s only Mega Neon.

          1. Yeah, I think so too 🙂

  11. ooooo nice! I have a neon snow cat and im working on a neon frog! The frog will be valuable once the aussie egg is not in game anymore. PLUS its neon so even more valuable!

    1. Cool! I really wanted a Mega neon pet, but sice you said it, when is the Aussie egg gonna be gone?

      1. I think in about 2 monthes…

        1. its september now.The aussie egg is still not gone : D

        2. Cool, then I will have more time toget a kanagroo from one of these eggs! =D

          1. It’s Dino eggs, I wonder too!

          2. i want Aussie egg but i want to see the new egg i could it see