Experience the Future of Sci-Fi Strategy Gaming: Space Gears Announces Closed Beta Playtest and Participation in Steam Next Fest

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In an announcement made on May 18, 2023, South Korean game development company, Pentapeak Studios, a subsidiary of 2bytes Corp., revealed its upcoming project: Space Gears. This is not just another sci-fi strategy game but an innovative leap forward that breaks free from the constraints of typical gameplay.

Space Gears carries players into the 22nd century, wherein they step into the boots of trailblazers and leaders, navigating the challenges of terraforming Mars and managing Martian resources. From mining operations and research initiatives to assembling advanced mechs, Space Gears injects a refreshing twist into strategy games by combining it with elements of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) gameplay, resulting in a lively and diverse battleground.

Immersive, high-stakes combat sequences are integral to Space Gears, reminding players of the thrilling climax battles inherent to classic strategy games. The game showcases a rich variety of mechs, each intricately designed by a global assembly of artists. In addition to action-packed warfare, players have the opportunity to partake in extensive terraforming missions, develop their Mars bases, and engage in real-time combat, offering an enriching gaming experience.

To guarantee a top-tier gaming experience, Space Gears has been designed using the Unity 2022 (HDRP) engine, which delivers breath-taking graphics of Martian landscapes, bases, and mechs. The game is positioned not only as a go-to for lovers of strategy, battle, and sci-fi games, but it also establishes a new IP in the gaming industry. With its participation in the global playtest and Steam Next Fest, 2bytes Corp. is keen to raise the profile of Space Gears and encourage players to Wishlist and experience the game during these events.

Space Gears encapsulates Pentapeak Studios' commitment to exploring complex gaming genres and expanding their reach within the global gaming market, an endeavor scarcely pursued in the Korean gaming industry in recent times. The game will undergo a global playtest from June 2 to June 5, 2023, make an appearance at the Steam Next Fest in June, and is expected to provide Early Access on Steam in the third quarter of this year.

For more information about Space Gears and its upcoming events, check Space Gears on YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Steam, and the official website.

2bytes Corporation Overview

2bytes, a promising global game services startup, was conceived by experienced industry professionals known for launching popular PC and mobile games across the globe. The company has emerged as a trustworthy ally for game developers and publishers, delivering a range of services from localization, QA, game operations, and community management to voiceovers.

Pentapeak Studios Overview

Pentapeak Studios, a product of 2bytes, was created with the vision of developing fresh in-house titles. The studio boasts a team comprising industry veterans hailing from renowned South Korean game developers, such as Nexon, NCsoft, and WeMade. Currently, Stellar Tales, a unique match-3 puzzle game, and Space Gears, are the two titles under development at Pentapeak Studios.

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