Stellar Blade an elite Naytiba during the game's prologue
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All enemies in Stellar Blade and their weaknesses

Know how to topple even the most elite of Naytibas!

Earth is on the brink and swarming with all kinds of Naytiba fiends, from smaller minions up to the fearsome elites. Eve and her comrades are on a mission to eradicate them all, so it's important for players to know how to deal with them. To ensure that you keep the upper hand, here's our handy guide to all enemy weaknesses in Stellar Blade.

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How to defeat all enemies in Stellar Blade

The following is a current work-in-progress, and this guide will be consistently updated as we uncover more enemies in the game and their weaknesses. So be sure to check back frequently!

All Naytiba Minions in Stellar Blade


Eve fighting a Thornhead in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Thornheads are Naytibas that attack in groups, but they aren't particularly powerful. They attack by swinging their heads at you, but they telegraph it pretty clearly so you can dodge out of the way. You can easily defeat them head-on with a couple of sword swings.


Naytiba Creepers swarming Eve in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guide

Creepers also attack in groups, trying to swarm you. They attack you with their tails, similarly to a scorpion. Usually, there will be an unstable entity in the swarm that can charge at you and self-destruct. Take care of them quickly, which shouldn't be a problem since they aren't too powerful.


Eve fighting a Boarlet in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Boarlets are found out in the Wasteland, usually in the vicinity of Hedgeboars. They pose far less of a threat, however, and don't have much in the way of attacks. They'll attempt to charge, but it's pretty predictable, and their main attack is a tail whip. Simply make sure to dodge from the right angle and Eve will make short work of these.


Eve fighting a Tentacle minion in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Tentacles are another Naytiba minion found out in the Wasteland, and they're more annoying than anything. They pop up from underground when Eve fights other Naytiba and they specialize in swiping attacks that can be hard to track while getting attacked from elsewhere.

Make sure not to let them out of your sight too long. They don't have a particular weak point, so just unleash your slashing attacks when possible to get rid of their distraction.

Test Subject

Eve fights a Test Subject in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Test Subjects are one of the many Naytiba abominations found in the Altess Levoire facility, and they're probably one of the most unnerving. Failed human experiments that were encased in body bags, they wriggle around on the floor and can be easy to overlook, especially in the dark.

They don't have much in the way of HP or attacks. They'll home in on Eve with the intent to self-destruct, which can cause substantial damage. Be sure to shoot them dead before that happens.


Eve fights two Skulling Naytibas in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Skullings are a Naytiba minion encountered throughout Matrix 11. Resembling alien-like octopuses, these eerie creatures aren't particularly formidable on their own. Their jumping flail attacks are about all they have. Just make sure you don't get swarmed by a group of them.

Their true power comes in taking control of nearby corpses, which transforms them into different Naytibas with more damaging attacks.


Eve fights Mites in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Mites are similar in shape to the Boarlets in the Wasteland, but these are found in Matrix 11. Their attacks are similar as well, focusing on tail whips to catch Eve off balance. They don't present much of a threat, except when in groups. Cutting these down is simple enough.

Mutated Mite

Eve fights a Mutated Mite in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Mutated Mites are a somewhat stronger version of Mites, found down in the Rotten Labyrinth area of Matrix 11. These can spray damaging poison attacks, so be sure to dodge those. They also self-destruct upon death, so keep your distance at that point.

Lesser Lurker

Eve fights Lesser Lurkers in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Lesser Lurkers are an unsettling Naytiba found in the vast Great Desert, and often found in pairs or groups. They primarily focus on leaping attacks with their wide maws, but are otherwise fairly harmless, especially by this point in the game.

All Naytiba Warriors in Stellar Blade


Eve fighting a Beholder Naytiba in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Beholders are found during the game's prologue and later on in the Wasteland. They will slash you with their bone saw hands. They usually have a double swing, so either block or dodge it before going in for the kill. They are pretty fast and will charge at you, so keep that in mind when fighting.

Cricket Slasher

Cricket Slasher walking towards Eve in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Cricket Slashers stumble around as they walk and slash at you with their arms. They have a hidden middle arm that pops out to take a double swing at you. They will often chain their attacks, so make sure that they are done attacking before you go at them again. So long as you do, you should be able to defeat them without issues.


Eve fighting a Hydra Naytiba in Stellar Blade
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Hydras are floating Naytibas that seem hesitant to approach and will run away from you. After taking a certain amount of damage they will become invisible, so you'll have to scan with the drone to see where they are.

They attack quickly, so you need to be ready to dodge. Once you do, this is the perfect opportunity for a counterattack. Keep in mind that they will also spew some damaging yellow sludge at you. Back off quickly to avoid getting hit by it.

Mutated Creeper

Stellar Blade Naytiba Mutated Creeper
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Mutated Creepers attack with their tails just like regular Creepers. They can spin and charge at you so be careful to dodge. If there are a bunch of creepers and you notice a mutated one, be sure to keep a close eye on it and try to get rid of it first.


Stellar Blade Guardian Naytiba
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

These Naytiba are most often disguised as stone statues, and while some simply shatter with a strike from Eve's blade, others will come alive and attack. Note that they can be scanned to determine whether there is a Naytiba in them or not.

In terms of attack patterns, they're pretty slow and predictable, but that doesn't mean you should let them land a punch or a stab with their sword arm, as those attacks still hurt. The main thing to watch out for is its unblockable grab attack, which will grab Eve and slam her into the ground.

Simply time your blocks and dodge those grabs and jabs and these will go down easily.

Heavy Guardian

Eve fighting a Heavy Guardian Naytiba Warrion in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Just like their smaller Guardian counterparts, Heavy Guardians will disguise themselves as statues, so provoking one guarantees a fight. The main difference is that these are more powerful, as they attack you with their swords and mace-like appendages. The mace attacks are especially dangerous, so make sure to dodge it. Look for opportunities to attack after it takes a big swing.


Barnacle Naytiba in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Barnacles are Naytiba with thick shells for shields, and frontal attacks will take a lot more effort on them, especially when they lift their shell-covered legs. If you spot them from a distance and want to take care of them quickly, try an Execute attack from behind (if you have the ability unlocked).

If you can't sneak up on them or they are already in combat, you'll need to focus damage on the shield to eventually break it. Alternatively, you can try to Parry their swing attacks to stun them, leaving them open for bigger damage.

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Cannon Guardian

Stellar Blade Eve fighting a Cannon Guardian
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Cannon Guardians are not big or particularly mobile, but the main thing to watch out for is their explosive ammo attack, which comes from their heads. They will fire bright projectiles from it that explode upon impact, so make sure to dodge when it happens. The best moment to deal damage is when they start wiggling their bodies to "reload" another projectile attack.


Stellar Blade the first Dozer enemy Eve meets
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Dozer is a rather unique-looking Naytiba, with a centaur-like body and the head of an insect. That head also acts as its primary weapon, much like a battering ram. It focuses on charging attacks and swinging its huge head like a club.

It's also rather agile while doing this, so be sure to dodge and block accordingly. The key to its weakness is targeting the body behind the head, so maneuver your attacks there.

Mutated Hydra

Stellar Blade Eve fighting a Mutated Hydra
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Mutated Hydras look very similar to regular Hydra enemies, except obviously more brightly colored. They prefer not to go invisible and are notably more aggressive. They primarily use swooping charge attacks along with ranged corrosive projectile attacks.

Their main weak area is underneath the tentacles, which are almost always exposed, so it shouldn't take long to bring this Naytiba down.

Cricket Butcher

Eve fights a Cricket Butcher Naytiba
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Cricket Butcher is essentially a mutated, stronger version of the Cricket Slasher. This one is more brightly colored, with stripes running along its back. They use most of the same attacks as the Slasher, though they're more aggressive and use their slashing attacks more frequently.

Take these down in the same manner as their Slasher cousins, blocking and dodging their claw swipe attacks and dealing big sword damage afterward.


Eve fighting a Hedgeboar in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Hedgeboars are likely the first Naytiba you run into in the Wasteland, and they are no pushover. Their butcher knife swords are the source of most of their attacks, and they tend to be relentless with them. They'll often unleash combo-slicing attacks that can catch Eve off-balance. Block and dodge carefully with this Naytiba, and focus Eve's attacks on its belly.

Mutated Boarlet

Eve fighting a mutated boarlet in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

As its name suggests, a Mutated Boarlet is a bigger and more colorful version of the Boarlet Naytiba. Their attack patterns are relatively the same, however, with their tail whip being the primary thing to watch out for. They carry more HP, but otherwise, it shouldn't be difficult to bring these down with a few slices.

Turret Droid

Eve fighting a Turret Droid in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Turret Droids are a somewhat unique Naytiba, as they're mechanical rather than flesh and bone like many of the others Eve runs into. Unique to the Scrap Yard of the Wasteland, these patrol the piles of junk scattered around the area. They specialize in projectile attacks that will home in on Eve when fired and drop a pool of electrical liquid that can briefly impair her movement if not careful.

Since they're made of metal, it can be a bit more difficult to bring these down. They don't have a particular weak spot, but simply focus on using Eve's Beta attacks. Shock Grenades aren't a bad choice either.

Old Droid

Eve fighting an Old Droid in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Old Droids are often found in groups with Turret Droids in the Wasteland, and they specialize in melee attacks with their spear weapon while the other droids rain projectile attacks on Eve from afar. Old Droids like to do combo attacks with their weapon, so parry and block where possible to get hits in afterward. Again, Beta attacks work perfectly well here, and Shock Grenades if you have any.


Eve fighting a pair of Wasters in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Wasters are another unique Naytiba found in the Wasteland region, and they often patrol in pairs or groups. With only two legs they're not incredibly agile, rather they prefer to shoot corrosive projectiles from their mouths. They don't have any natural armor to worry about, so with a few quick slashes they'll go down in short order.


Eve fighting a Waster in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Lumps are another Naytiba first found in the Wasteland, and their main form of attack is with the large dual tentacles on their faces. They'll typically use swing attacks with them in quick succession, so block them accordingly with Eve's blade and then deal damage with Beta attacks afterward.


Eve fighting an Infector in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Infectors are the first new Naytiba Eve encounters in the Altess Levoire facility. A human experiment gone wrong, they use their mutated arm as a serrated melee weapon, and the other to grab Eve in an attempt to strangle her. If you're grabbed, mash the Square button until you're free.

Its one weak spot is the red pouch hanging from its belt. Shooting this will cause an explosion that causes significant damage. Beyond that, shooting them in the head is a viable second option.


Eve fighting a Defiler in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Defilers are probably the other most unsettling Naytiba found in the Altess Levoire facility, based on just their appearance. They will disguise themselves as Test Subjects which are attached to their backs, and lunge at Eve if she gets too close.

Their two main attacks involve swipes with their scythe-like limbs and corrosive projectile attacks. Since the ranged weapon is Eve's only option here, make quick work of them by either shooting the head or the test subject stuck to them.

Mutated Defiler

Eve fighting a Mutated Defiler in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Mutated Defiler is one of the most fearsome Naytibas in Altess Levoire, essentially a stronger version of the Defiler. These will try to corner Eve in small spaces and use lunge attacks in an attempt to devour her. They also incorporate swiping attacks as well with their scythe-like arms.

Like many of the other enemies in this area, focus on shooting these in the head, or the test subject attached to their bodies. The explosions caused can deal big damage to help bring this Naytiba down quicker.

Skull Trooper

Eve fighting a Skull Trooper in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Skull Troopers are one of the variants of Naytibas that take form when a Skulling takes control of a corpse within range. Troopers typically wield hammer weapons, which they flail around in swinging attacks. Dodge and parry as needed and use Beta attacks when possible to bring these down, as they have a substantial amount of HP.

Skull Berserkers

Eve fighting a Skull Berserker in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Skull Berserkers are another variant of Naytiba infected by Skullings. Bigger and much stronger than Troopers or Gunners, they prefer to wield concrete pillars as weapons. Most of their attacks are pretty devastating, so focus on blocking as many as possible. Flex those powerful Beta attacks, as these have even more HP as well.


Eve fights a Hive Naytiba in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Hives are unsightly Naytibas found in highly contaminated areas, typically blocking a passage that Eve needs to get through. These can be fought with either ranged or melee attacks, though the latter is much more efficient as these have a surprising amount of HP.

Rather than attack, Hives focus on spitting out multiple Skulling Naytibas, which will attack instead. Whittle them down along with the Hive itself as quickly as possible. It will self-destruct upon death, so watch out.


Eve fights a Lurker in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Lurkers are essentially the fully grown version of Lesser Lurkers and are far more aggressive. While they can be found wandering around in the open, they're most often lurking (aha) beneath the sands, usually underneath a crate as bait. They can also be detected by a moving rift of sand and controller vibrations.

Their most prominent weapon is their extremely long claws, which they use for powerful swiping combo attacks. Blocking and dodging is important here, otherwise a single Lurker can actually whittle Eve's health down fairly quickly.

Lesser Behemoth

Eve fights a Lesser Behemoth in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Lesser Behemoth is perhaps the most formidable normal Naytiba found in the Great Desert, both in stature and power. They use their hulking bodies to invoke powerful charging and slam attacks and swiping with their claws. Not only that, try to avoid their sharp jaws as well. They don't have a particular weak point, rather it's a battle of attrition in bringing down their hefty bar of HP.

All Elite Naytibas in Stellar Blade


Elite Naytiba Brute boss fight in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

As you can probably tell, the Brute's primary attacks come from its club-shaped arms. It will consistently throw out a barrage of swings and spinning attacks, most of which can be blocked with Eve's blade. However, the Brute's overhead swing attack will break a standard block, so it's better to dodge if possible.

It's best to go in for strikes when it pauses after its swing attack, or while it's distracted by your teammate Tachy.


Eve fighting Abaddon in a boss battle in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Abaddon is a powerful Elite Naytiba that initially attacks you mostly with physical swinging attacks from its dual swords. Once it starts using electric charges, the real danger sets in. It will attack you with two different ranged electric attacks: a shockwave and individual lightning attacks. Jump over the shockwave and move around the individual attacks.

Utilize your Beta attacks to deal as much damage as possible. Blink is also a super useful skill in this fight, helping you dodge attacks and do a powerful counterattack on the Naytiba.


Stellar Blade Eve battling the Corrupter boss
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Corrupter is relatively similar to the Dozer Naytiba in terms of appearance, though its head is very different and deadly in other ways. In addition to charging attacks and using its head as a battering ram, it will shoot large corrosive projectiles at varying ranges.

Dodging is paramount here in order to get hits in between its relentless attacks. The biggest opening though is when it charges straight across the arena and crashes into a wall, causing it to go still for a couple of moments. Otherwise, make full use of your Beta attacks and Blinks when the opportunity arises.


Eve faces off against the Maelstrom in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Maelstrom is an Elite Naytiba found in the depths of the Altess Levoire facility. Essentially the hive mind of the experimental Naytibas locked away in the abandoned lab, Maelstrom is a hulking mass of those experiments fused together.

Unlike other Elite Naytibas, this one is immobile as it's fused to the spreading contamination on the walls. The main thing Eve has to dodge here is projectile attacks which come in different forms. Sometimes it will shoot a laser beam from its mouth, other times it'll be corrosive pods that release explosive Test Subjects around the floor.

This fight isn't especially difficult, even though Eve's sword Blood Edge is "disabled" in this area. Her ranged weapon is more than enough, as Maelstrom doesn't have a big amount of HP to chip away at. Shoot the glowing hive clusters on its body when they appear, which will then cause its mouth to glow the same color, becoming a temporary weak spot.

Repeat this process until Maelstrom is felled, and Eve can then claim the second Hyper Drive Cell.


Eve fighting the Stalker in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Stalker acts as a surprise Elite Naytiba encountered while progressing through the Train Graveyard of Matrix 11. This four-legged beast is the most formidable Elite Naytiba yet, with exceptional agility, strength, and plenty of HP to match.

Its most prominent feature is its bonesaw-style head, similar in concept to Gigas on that front. Throughout the fight, the Stalker will attempt to raze Eve with its serrated head, and it can only be deflected by mashing the Square button.

Aside from that, keeping distance between Eve and the Stalker is the key, until the moment to strike arises. Be quick with Blinks, Beta Attacks, Burst Attacks, and everything else in Eve's arsenal, as the Stalker's melee attacks come in quick, relentless succession. Grind those Perfect Parries for Retribution Attacks as well, as those can deal substantial damage. Anything but its head is a weak spot.


Eve fighting the Juggernaut in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Juggernaut is the end result of multiple Skullings taking over a single host, imbuing it with tremendous power. This Elite Naytiba is found near the end of Matrix 11, in the Train Graveyard. Make sure Eve's Tumbler is completely recharged and that you have plenty of supplementary potions on hand, as the Juggernaut can dole out a serious beating.

Wielding a giant hammer weapon may look cumbersome, but the Juggernaut swings it with ease, serving as the core of its attack arsenal. You'll be dodging and parrying almost non-stop in this fight, but thankfully its sequence of swing and slam attacks is relatively easy to memorize. It'll be fairly easy to get at least one or two Retribution attacks in because of that.

Otherwise, this is where you'll want to make the utmost use of your Beta and Burst arsenals of abilities. The Juggernaut doesn't have a set weak spot, it's just a matter of staying on your toes and throwing hits every chance you get.

At half health, Juggernaut will start incorporating fire attacks with its hammer, an aerial slam that ends with a huge shockwave, and other basic shockwave attacks. This battle truly puts the skills you've acquired so far to the test, so make sure to use as many as you can.

All Alpha Naytibas in Stellar Blade


The Gigas Alpha Naytiba battle intro in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Eve squares off with her first Alpha Naytiba at Eidos 7 in the form of Gigas. A hulking beast with a circular, saw-bladed head, this boss fight takes it up a few notches. Gigas has exceptional strength and agility, so keeping your distance when possible is recommended.

Watch out for its continuous charging attacks, and especially its big swing punches and head swipes. Most can be blocked with your blade or dodged if you're adept enough. It will pound its chest to temporarily boost its strength, so watch out for that.

Once it's lost half its health, Gigas will start incorporating shockwave attacks by smashing the ground, so be careful when coming close to inflict damage. Gigas doesn't have a prominent weak point on its body. Obviously, you'll want to avoid its razor-sharp head at all costs but focus damage as often as possible on the rest of its body.

Grind up your Beta attacks as often as possible, use Blinks at every opportunity, and watch your health in case Gigas gets a hit or two in.


Eve fighting Tachy in Stellar Blade
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Tachy herself is the Alpha Naytiba encountered in the depths of Matrix 11 at the Water Purification facility, which makes for a somber and emotional battle for Eve. The fight itself has two phases, and Tachy's attack set is distinct from most Naytibas encountered in the game.

During the first phase, you'll square off against a masked Tachy who sprouts one black mechanical wing from her back (this game loves its references), which aids in her incredibly swift movement and evasion. Her primary weapon is the Tachyon Blade, her massive, long sword which she uses to chain various melee attacks, counterattacks, and even ranged ones with rings of fire energy.

The second phase, which moves to a different arena, sees Tachy sprout a second wing and grow more aggressive. Surprisingly, her move set doesn't change that much. She doesn't have a particular weak spot, and her attacks often come with long pauses in between, so there are plenty of opportunities for Eve to get hits in.

That concludes our guide to all enemies in Stellar Blade and their weaknesses. We hope you found this helpful, and let us know which enemies you found especially challenging or exciting to fight in the game.

Be sure to check out all of our other guides and news for Stellar Blade at Pro Game Guides, such as how to Auto Loot items in the game.

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All enemies in Stellar Blade and their weaknesses

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