Can you return to the Slums in Stray?

In Stray, you see a cyberpunk world viewed from the perspective of a cute cat as you explore with their robot companion, B-12. One big question players have been asking is whether or not you can return to the Slums after you have left, as there are a lot of collectibles to be found in […]

Where to take the tracker in Stray – Elliot Location

There are many quests and sidequests in Stray, some of which are required to complete the game. One of these is to track down the Outsiders, which includes Doc. To do this, you need Seamus’ help and the help of Doc’s tracker. Unfortunately, the item is broken and needs to be fixed. If you have […]

How to get a blanket for Elliot in Stray

There are many quests and side quests to complete in Stray, and many of these are required to progress in the story. One of these is getting Elliot to fix the broken tracker, but the robot cannot do so due to its trembling. To stop this, you need to find a blanket, which may leave […]