Barbarian war cry in Tarisland
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Tarisland Tier List – All Classes & Specializations Ranked (Global Release)

Choose your hero wisely.

Every time I hear about the best MMORPGs, I think of World of Warcraft. Tarisland is heavily inspired by Blizzard's masterpiece, but mostly in the visual department. What I liked the most were the classes and specializations. This global release Tarisland tier list will help you choose the best options for your playstyle.

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All Classes and Class Specializations Ranked - Tarisland Tier List (Global Release)

Tarisland specialization tier list
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Each class in Tarisland has two specializations, which offer different skill sets. As there are currently nine classes with two specializations, you have 18 different heroes roaming the land. While each has interesting combat mechanics, some are more useful for teamwork, and others may give you the edge when you're playing solo. With that in mind, we've created a classes and specializations tier list.

TierClass and Specialization
SBarbarian (Frozen), Mage (Frost), Paladin (Guard), Priest (Pray), Warrior (Rage)
ABarbarian (Thunder), Bard (Solo), Mage (Flame), Paladin (Justice), Phantom Necro (Soul Snatch)
BBard (Harmony), Phantom Necro (Soul Healing), Priest (Faith), Shadow Swordsman (Duel), Warrior (War Shield)
CRanger (Hunting), Ranger (Tamed Beast), Shadow Swordsman (Cunning)

Best Classes in Tarisland, ranked

Priest class in selection menu in Tarisland
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There are nine classes in Tarisland, and how good they are depends greatly on their specializations. But when you start the game, you can only choose one class, making the choice that much harder. Below, you'll see a list of the best-ranked classes according to their overall quality, group importance, and specialization potential.

S Tier


Tarisland Barbarian class starting screen
Image via Level Infinite

Barbarian is a self-sustainable mountain of muscles, making him a perfect choice for casual play, where you don't have to worry if you'll die. Barbarian has two specializations: Thunder and Frozen. Depending on the build, you can either go all-in on Frozen to become the ultimate tank or focus on offense with Thunder's electrical damage.


Paladin starting screen in Tarisland
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The Paladin class can be a powerful tank (Guard specialization) or DPS (Justice specialization), making it highly versatile. Their healing abilities further enhance their survivability and support of teammates. You won't mistake whichever path you take, as both offer great abilities and ultimates. For example, Justice Paladin has the Judgment Power ultimate that increases the damage of offensive abilities.


Tarisland Priest class starting screen
Image via Level Infinite

Priests are the main healers in the game, but you can be more offensive if you choose Faith specialization. Having said that, Prayer specialization is the way to go if you want to create an ultimate support hero.

A Tier


Tarisland Bard class starting screen
Image via Level Infinite

Bards are a mix of damage, buffs, and heals, making them one of the most important classes in Tarisland. While both Solo and Harmony specializations are powerful, I find Bard with Solo specialization to offer a potent combination of offensive spells and buffs. This way, you'll play as arguably the best support in the game (excluding healing).


Tarisland Warrior class starting screen
Image via Level Infinite

The Warrior class is halfway between Barbarian's raw power and Paladin's defensive prowess. You can go either way with this class, depending on your choice of specialization. War Shield Warrior is a low-risk choice, as you'll get plenty of opportunities to debuff opponents while protecting and healing yourself. On the other hand, Rage specialization is all about offense, disregarding personal safety with abilities with multiple attacks.


Tarisland Mage using fire magic
Image via Level Infinite

Mage is your go-to class for wreaking havoc. While vulnerable in close combat, Mage will destroy enemies with powerful spells. Both Flame and Frost are great choices, but ice damage is a better option for team activities, as you can slow enemies, making them easy targets for your friends. On the other hand, having a good old fireball is always a good option for dealing with numerous enemies. The Mage class being very vulnerable is what makes playing this class risky, especially if you're soloing.

B Tier

Phantom Necro

Tarisland Phantom Necro class sreen
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Phanton Necro is a healing class that also has powerful defensive skills, such as Soul Dance with AoE healing effect (Soul Healing specialization). Phantom can also be an offensive-minded hero, thanks to Soul Snatch specialization and her Shadow Blade ability, among others.

Shadow Swordsman

Tarisland Shadow Swordsman class starting screen
Image via Level Infinite

Shadow Swordsman is a powerful, offensive-minded class that reminds me of the Rogue class from WoW. To maximize its potential, you must learn his special moves, whether you choose Cunning (poison attacks) or Dueling specialization (attack from shadows). This master of shadows has a smaller health pool, making them easy targets in close combat.


Ranger starting screen in Tarisland
Image via Level Infinite

Ranger can be hard to master, as finding the optimal build for most situations is more challenging compared to other classes. Being a glass cannon certainly doesn't help, as you'll find yourself relying on a hit-and-run combat strategy. Rangers have two specializations, Tamed Beast and Hunting. Taming animals and making traps gives you more options on a battlefield, especially if you're fighting solo. Summoned beast will draw attention away from you, so you can focus on dealing damage to enemies. Hunting will allow you to use numerous arrow attacks.

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Tarisland Tier List – All Classes & Specializations Ranked (Global Release)

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