Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle – Everything you need to know about Tales of Tribute

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is an exciting expansion that takes you to a never before seen land. These Breton islands are the home of a politically charged story and a new card game called Tales of Tribute. You’re likely wondering how Tales of Tribute is played and the point of playing it. How do […]

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, the land of shady politics and card games – Hands-on impression

Elder Scrolls Online has experienced a lot of ups and downs over the years. The game launched with mixed scores on Metacritic, and some of its updates haven’t hit home with fans. High Isle sets out to do what the last expansion Blackwood couldn’t and win over fans. Luckily, it looks like it will do […]

All ESO Abyssal Geyser Locations in Summerset

Abyssal Geysers are an anomaly specific to Summerset the Elder Scrolls: Online DLC. These locations are similar to the Dolmens across the base game locations within the game. However, instead of being based around the Daedric prince, they are corrupted sea creatures. Across the landscape of Summerset, there are six in total to be found. […]