All Preorder Bonuses for Wild Hearts

For gamers who enjoy a good hunting adventure, Wild Hearts is a new twist on the genre. The game is set in a world where giant, nature-infused beasts roam freely, and players must use technology and ancient techniques to hunt them down. There are two different editions of the game, but pre-ordering either one comes […]

Wild Hearts – Karakuri Tier List

Karakuri building is one of the key differences between Wild Hearts and Monster Hunter. It plays a huge role in Wild Hearts, with many different mechanics and even weapon moves tied to the system directly. There is a large selection of Karakuri to choose from in Wild Hearts, but not all of them are equal […]

Wild Hearts – Best Bladed Wagasa Build

The Bladed Wagasa is an incredibly powerful weapon to use if you have the patience and finesse for it. Unlike most other weapons in the game, it heavily benefits from a few perks in the Weapon Tree beyond just simple numbers. We’ve built the Bladed Wagasa up a few different ways to minimal results in […]

Best Wild Hearts mods

As is the case with almost every modern game on PC, Wild Hearts players have developed a selection of tweaks to improve their monster-hunting expedition across the world of Azuma. Here are the best Wild Hearts mods to get the most out of your gameplay. Best Wild Hearts mods to install on PC At the […]

Wild Hearts – Weapon Tier List

Bringing a strong weapon to every fight is as important as knowing monster weaknesses in Wild Hearts. Each weapon in the game focuses on a particular style of combat, be it fast, slow, or ranged. While each weapon is certainly effective in its own way, the weapons in the game can be organized into a […]