Wizards Unite: How-to Get Spell Energy – Best Ways to Farm Energy!

We're taking a look at some of the most efficient ways to gain Spell Energy in Harry Potter Wizard's Unite!

Our Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How-to Get Spell Energy Guide will walk you through the best ways to farm up energy in the game. This is a very important resource in the game, and we're taking a look at all the ways you can regain it.

Spell Energy is probably the most important resource in the game. It is used to return Foundables as well as used to fight off enemies when you are taking on a Fortress. This is a bit different than something like Pokemon Go, because you are using this one primary resource for collecting Foundables (Pokemon) and fighting in Fortresses (Gyms). So, it is natural that you are probably pretty consistently running out of it!

How-to Get Spell Energy in Wizards Unite

It's important to note that you cannot gain energy passively. You have to go to Inns, Greenhouses, or purchase it with gold from Diagon Alley.

Go to an Inn

One of the best free ways to get energy is to go to an Inn. You can gain up to 10 energy per Inn you visit, and you can head back to these every five or so minutes. The energy you receive can be largely predicted by how many actual Inns you have in the area you are in currently. If there are many Inns around you, you will likely get less energy per Inn. So, someone who only has one Inn nearby, will likely get more from that Inn. If you are in a populated area, you are going to need to head to multiple Inns to gain up the same energy as someone who only has one or two Inns near them.

The color of the Inn DOES matter. Certain Inns can have different food options, and the type of food you get determines how much energy you'll receive. Here's a look at the difference:

  • 1 Energy: Tomato Soup (Cauldron) - Brown Inns, Purple Inns
  • 1 Energy: Afternoon Tea - Brown Inns
  • 2 Energy: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans - Green Inns
  • 2 Energy: Pumpkin Juice - Brown Inns, Pink Inns
  • 3 Energy: Violet Pudding - Pink Inns
  • 5 Energy: Bangers and Mash - Purple Inns
  • 6 Energy: Fish and chips - Brown Inns, Blue Inns
  • 6 Energy: Honeyduke's Chocolate Bar - Green Inns
  • 7 Energy: Butterbeer - Blue Inns, Purple Inns
  • 10 Energy: Turkey Dinner - Green Inns

Based on these, Green Inns appear to be one of the best options. It has some of the higher energy gain possibilities, however, you can obviously get a Bertie Bott Bean and then only get two!

Go to a Greenhouse

If you find a Greenhouse, these will sometimes give you a chance for 4 energy. This was recently upgraded based on feedback.

Complete Daily Assignments

Some daily assignments like "To Collect an Ingredient or Portmanteau" will give you energy if you complete them.

Spend Money

This is obviously going to be the fastest and easiest way, but I would try to play the game for a while without spending any cash. Make sure you are happy with the game, and you really feel like you are going to be playing it for an extended period of time before opening your wallet. You can purchase +50 Spell Energy for 100 Gold. Here's a look at how much each gold bundle costs:

  • 80 Gold: $0.99 USD
  • 425 Gold: $4.99 USD
  • 900 Gold: $9.99 USD
  • 2,100 Gold: $19.99 USD
  • 5,400 Gold: $49.99 USD
  • 12,000 Gold: $99.99 USD

You can also consider the S.O.S. Kit which is a pretty good value and is available for a couple of days after you start the game. It is limited to a one time purchase, so if you plan on spending money, it's a good way to go.

Upgrade Your Spell Energy Capacity

There's currently two ways that will upgrade your capacity. One way is more economical, but it costs 475 Gold. This will expand the maximum capacity of three different items: Spell Energy, Potions, and Ingredients. It's called Vault Extensions, you get +10 Spell Energy Capacity, +30 Ingredient Capacity, and +10 Potion Capacity. It can be purchased in Diagon Alley.

If you only care about energy, then you can purchase a flat upgrade of the capacity at Diagon Alley for 150 Gold. This will give you an additional 10 energy capacity.

Why do you want to do this? Well, you'll want to have as much space as possible for energy so you can farm it up at Inns and Greenhouses. The more you can store, the more you'll be able to play without having to farm it back up again.

You don't have to spend money to get gold coins. Just make sure you login every day to gain your Daily Treasure. You should be able to save up a fair amount of gold if you can keep logging in every day. Completing your Daily Assignments is also a good way to earn gold.

Conserving Energy

An important thing to learn is how-to conserve energy. This means, you'll need to get good at tracing the spells you cast when dealing with Foundables or are battling in a Fortress. It's also very helpful to level up your character, the higher level you are the bigger bonus you'll get to spell success chance. Each time you cast a spell you use energy, if you can limit the amount of time you need to cast one, you'll conserve energy.

  • As mentioned, making sure to trace your spells as quickly and accurately as possible will hopefully mean you need to cast spells less.
  • Be sure to take care when casting a spell, if you lift your finger too soon off your phone when casting you'll fail the spell. This wastes energy.
  • Level your character up by farming lower level Fortress levels with low ranked runes.
  • Don't waste energy on high level Fortress levels that will be hard for you to complete. This is an easy way to burn through energy.
  • If you've got potions to spare, use one that will improve your spell casting abilities to conserve energy.
  • If you're low on energy, then make sure to only attempt to do high level Foundables. You will likely come across the common ones pretty frequently, so skipping those is no big deal. However, rare ones are going to only come around once in a while. It's best to always have enough energy to attempt these. You can tap on the Confoundable on the map, and then see what difficulty they end up being. If they are in the Severe to Emergency range, then this is going to be pretty rare. You'll also want to look out for purple icons on the map which denote Oddities.
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