Among Us: How to Close Doors

Learning how to close doors is essential for murder!

Among Us is still mind-blowingly popular, and every month it just keeps getting more so. InnerSloth has truly created a hidden gem with this game of honesty and betrayal, mainly betrayal. If we can be completely forthright, this game is the equivalent to Nintendo's Mario Party, as the closest friends can turn into enemies at the slightest murder and then venting to safety!

Among Us How to Close Doors

To close doors in Among Us is quite simple; when you are the Imposter, when your sabotage skill is ready to be used, bring up the map, and by clicking on the bright red X symbol next to a door this will lockdown that room temporarily. The room will be locked for 10 seconds, so you have to be quick if you want that kill!

Planning how to kill people is one of the thrills of being the Imposter, yet playing on a mere whim is also just as exciting. If you are the cool, calculated type and want murder to be planned, closing doors is definitely something up your alley. Or maybe you want to play mind games with your fellow crewmates, let them think murder is going to take place, but it never does. Fear is known to make people make mistakes!

When you are the Imposter, all you need to do is open up the map of the level, and you'll see symbols next to all of the doors that you can close. Pressing one of these bright red X symbols when your sabotage skill is ready to be used will make that particular room go into lockdown for 10 seconds. Though if you want to murder, make sure that the room has a vent that you can swiftly make your escape from. As you really don't want to be left in a room with a dead body, know do you. That's a one-way ticket to being ejected!

A helpful hint for all of you murderous Imposters out there is to quickly close a door, swiftly enter through a vent, make the kill, then leave instantly. When others start to crowd around the opening to the locked door, you can then blend in with the crowd. As if you are not the last person there, all suspicion will fall on the person who is!

However, once a room has been closed, that room will enter a cooldown where it cannot be locked again for a certain amount of time. Though if your crewmates know about this, then they might use that room more often. Furthermore, you can use this to your advantage and vent in when they least expect it. Always have an escape plan!

Among us has been recently patched on November 3, so see what's been added to the game! Have you ever tried to join a game and encountered The game you tried to join is full bug? Well, hopefully, our guide will help you!

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