All weapon skins in Apex Legends Mobile Distortion Battle Pass

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 is finally here, and players will get to own several exclusive cosmetics by purchasing the Distortion Battle Pass. This time, the Battle Pass features Legendary skins for Loba, Mirage, and Bangalore. Similarly, there are a couple of Legendary weapon skins for the R-301 Assault Rifle and Triple Take Marksman Rifle. […]

All Apex Legends Mobile maps

The new Season of Apex Legends Mobile is here, and players will get to see a brand new mobile-exclusive Legend joining the roster. Along with that, Kings Canyon, one of the most popular maps has made its way into the game. Similarly, a new Team Deathmatch map, Pythas Block O, was also added to the […]

All Rhapsody Abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is getting another mobile-exclusive Legend named Rhapsody. After Loba’s arrival, fans were eager to see which Legend would join the Apex games, and to everyone’s surprise, Rhapsody arrived with her harmonic abilities. The developers released a trailer video, and eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot all the minute details revolving around “DJ” […]

How to unlock Rapid Elimination and Assassin badges in Apex Legends Mobile

In Apex Legends Mobile, players can unlock various badges as they progress through the ranks in Battle Royale matches. Rapid Elimination and Assassin are two of the most sought-after badges that can be unlocked for every Legend, and you can acquire them by playing the Ranked Battle Royale mode. Both of these badges can be […]