All changes to shields in Apex Legends Breakout

Apex Legends Season 20 introduces major changes to gameplay, including how shields work. Shields have gone through many changes throughout the life of Apex Legends, and I think the changes in Season 20 could have a major impact on the game. All shield changes in Apex Legends Season 20 Apex Legends Season 20 introduces Legend […]

Apex Legends Codes (February 2024)

Updated July 27, 2023 Checked for codes. Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale titles, featuring fast-paced combat and regular updates. You can choose from one of many different heroes and battle against other players. Group up with your friends and increase your odds of being the last team standing. Codes in […]

Loba, Wraith, and Replicator bug fixes – All highlights in Apex Legends Patch (February 2024)

Respawn Entertainment issued a hotfix for some of the major issues players were facing after the Ranked Split in Apex Legends. These bugs included Loba’s Tactical ability malfunctioning, Wraith’s damage intake malfunction while using abilities, loss of functionality while using the Replicator, and various issues for Xbox users. Let’s take a look at the highlights […]

Apex Legends Conduit abilities explained

The arrival of the Apex Legends Season 19 Ignite update marks the addition of the 25th playable character, Conduit.Conduit is the first Filipino legend in Apex Legends, a supporting character who can heal shields with her radiant energy. She inherited this power from a Monarch Titan’s battery, which she salvaged from the battlefields after her […]