Apex Legends Healing & Shields List Guide – Healing Stats, Armor Information

We're taking a look at all the available healing and shield items for Apex Legends!

Our Apex Legends Healing and Shields Guide features all of the available items to help you survive in this new battle royale. We've got information on how-to get the most out of each item, and information on what everything does and how long it takes to use it!

Healing and shields in Apex Legends aren't super different than in most games. You have a lot of the standard heals to recover your health, but the shield system is a bit of a change. You'll need to find armor, and that armor determines your maximum shield amount. This armor can be reduced if you are shot, but you can recharge it with the various cells and batteries you can find in the game.

Another interesting part about Apex Legends is that you have an Ultimate ability. This ability charges over time, but you can build it up faster by using an item called the Ultimate Accelerant.

Healing & Regen Items List


Heals 25 health. 5 second use time.

This is the basic bandage style of healing that is quick but heals for little.

Med Kit

Heals 100 health. 8 second use time.

This is your standard big heal that restores all of your health.

Phoenix Kit

Heals 100 health and 100 shields. 10 second use time.

This is essentially the Chug Jug from Fortnite and fully restores your health and shield. It's of Epic rarity, so you will not find these all that often.

Shield Cell

Restores 25 shields. 3 second use time.

This is the lowest tier shield recharge, think of it as a mini-shield in Fortnite. The difference with this is that you can fully recharge your shields and aren't limited to 50 shields like the minis.

Shield Battery

Restores 100 shields. 5 second use time.

This is your big boy shield recharge and will full recharge whatever shield capacity you have.

Ultimate Accelerant

Restores 20% Ultimate energy. 7 second use time.

This will boost your ultimate energy up and will allow you to use it quicker. Try to remember to use this when you have it, there's no real reason to save it unless you already have your ultimate or are close to it.

Shield Items List

Your character can have up to 100 shield. Each segment of shield is 25 hit points, and can be recharged with the Shield Cell one at a time. You can recover all 100 shield with a Phoenix Kit or a Shield Battery.

Body Shield

Shields are very important to have, and it works differently than most battle royale games. Your equipped shield and can't break, but it loses its hit points and will need to be recharged again with a cell, battery, or phoenix kit. The capacity of the shield is depending on its rarity and it can't be charged over its total amount of hit points.

  • Common: Absorbs 50 damage.
  • Rare: Absorbs 75 damage.
  • Epic: Absorbs 100 damage.
  • Legendary: Absorbs 100 Damage
    • Executioner - Finishers fully regenerate shield.


Helmets don't give you extra shield, but reduce damage on headshots. While it doesn't display in-game, one of the game designers cleared up how much each rarity reduces which is listed below. The Legendary option has the same maximum reduction as the epic, but also includes the Fast Charge perk.

  • Common: Minor headshot damage reduction (30%).
  • Rare: Moderate headshot damage reduction (40%).
  • Epic: Maximum headshot damage reduction (50%).
  • Legendary: Maximum headshot damage reduction (50%).
    • Fast Charge - Reduces Tactical & Ultimate recharge time.

Knockdown Shield

Directional damage protection while knocked down.

This shield is used if you have had your health reduced to zero. You can expose your shield and direct towards incoming fire to protect yourself and give your team a chance to defend you and eliminate the other team.

  • Common: 100 Damage
  • Rare: 250 Damage
  • Epic: 750 Damage
  • Legendary: 750 Damage
    • Resurrection - Can self-resurrect once. Ability consumed upon use.

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  1. Y is it that ill have a full shield but very low health and it only takes a few shots to down me? Do u have to have a minimal of health for the shield to have its full affect

    1. It’s because the gold and purple shields both absorb 100 damage. Blue 75.
      The only thing about gold is that if you execute someone, it will re-fill your shields to full, similar to using a shield battery.
      Shroud and Dizzy will pick these 2 up because it is faster to pick a shield up than it is to re-fill the one they have on, which is most likely damaged. It’s a good tactic, because you can be in a fire fight with someone and take damage, kill them and pick up their shields, they will be full, and you don’t need to use a shield cell or battery.
      The only time they won’t be full is when a teammate swaps with a dead enemy, or you pick up a teammates.

  2. What is the thing in the inventory that’s gold and has “Fast Heal” under it. It’s located next to your knockdown shield.

      1. I believe that you must have had a legendary backpack. It gives you the ability to heal and regen shields faster, I didn’t realize there was a legendary backpack!

  3. Hello, thanks for all the guides, it is very interesting !!

    I’m wondering for the body shield if it is also reducing the amount of damage that we take ? Or if it is just “additional HP” like fortnite ?