Archero Hero Tier List – All the Best Heroes

We're taking a quick look at all of the selectable heroes in Archero!

Our Archero Heroes Tier List takes a look at the best hero you can lay as in the game! You don't have to play as a random archer anymore, and you can choose between various powerful heroes that have control over the elements. We'll take a look at all of the available heroes and their abilities!

Update (March 12th, 2020): You can get the Shari hero for free! Check out this link for more details.

Archero Hero Tier List

Our tier list is based on which heroes have the best stats and abilities as they level up.


  • Meowgik
  • Sylvan
  • Helix

Meowgik tops our list as the best current hero in the game. It has a powerful skill, which summons an auto-attacking kitty that will take out enemies. These can go through walls, which makes them particularly good at taking out hard to reach monsters. Meowgik also has one of the higher attack stats compared to other heroes, and gets a +5% Dodge bonus at level 40 which is particularly useful.

Sylvan is a new entry to the list and has very high attack and hp stats. The elf prince also has a very powerful skill which features a chance to trigger a random powerful elemental attack. The damage when these trigger is enhanced pretty heavily, so they are even more useful than usual.

Helix features arguably the best skill, which is basically the Rage ability. It increases your attack damage significantly when you are at low HP. He has good stats overall and gets some good bonuses.


  • Rolla
  • Phoren

Rolla features the highest attack stat and features a pretty strong skill that freezes enemies for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, its bonuses are fairly weak unless you are able to reach level 80 which is particularly difficult.


  • Onir
  • Bonnie
  • Taranis


  • Urasil

Urasil is similar to Atreus in that it has particularly weak stats compared to all of the other heroes. His bonuses are fairly weak, and the poison effect bonus is among the weakest skills.


  • Atreus

Not surprisingly, but Atreus as the base hero just scales extremely poorly. It has the worst stats in both attack and hp, plus the bonuses it acquires are not particularly strong either. Atreus also doesn't have a bonus skill, so that puts it at the bottom of the barrel.

Archero Heroes List

Here's a look at all of the currently available heroes in the game! Check out this great spreadsheet for more stats and details on these heroes.

NEW: Shari

Shari will be obtainable for free by participating in an event that starts on March 12th and extends until April 20th, 2020! We don't have details on the event just yet.

Born of the magical woodlands, she is in touch with nature.

Atreus Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 550
  • Attack: 135
  • Skill: Summons a thorned vine to attack enemies.
  • Cost: Free

Atreus Level Bonuses

  • 20: +150 Damage to Melee Units
  • 40: +300 Max HP (All)
  • 60: +5% Crit Chance
  • 80: +5% Damage to Melee Units


Atreus is the default character that comes with the game and you get them for free. He has the most rounded base stats of any hero. Unfortunately, as you level up your heroes, he becomes one of the weakest due to poor scaling and sub-par bonuses.

A rookie archer on his way to become an archer hero!

Atreus Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 600
  • Attack: 150
  • Cost: Free

Atreus Level Bonuses

  • 20: +100 Max HP (All)
  • 40: +15% Damage to Ranged Units
  • 60: +4% Max HP
  • 80: +5% Attack Speed


Heroic and kind woman of the sea! She robs the rich and helps the poor.

Bonnie Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 600
  • Attack: 150
  • Skill: Chance to create strong copies of heroes when monsters are killed.
  • Cost: $9.99 USD

Bonnie Level Bonuses

  • 20: +20% Crit Damage (All)
  • 40: +5% Attack Speed
  • 60: +5% HP (All)
  • 80: +5% Attack


A tribe warrior, a hunter; even the strong admire his power!

Helix Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 620
  • Attack: 125
  • Skill: Your attacks deal more damage at low HP.
  • Cost: 1,500 Gems

Helix Level Bonuses

  • 20: +20% Crit Damage (All)
  • 40: +20% Healing Effect of Red Heart
  • 60: +5% Max HP (All)
  • 80: +5% Crit Chance


The spirit of the cat combined with magic; not to be underestimated.

Meowgik Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 550
  • Attack: 135
  • Skill: A chance to summon an auto-attacking kitty when attacking enemies.
  • Cost: 1,800 Gems

Meowgik Level Bonuses

  • 20: +50 Attack (All)
  • 40: +5% Dodge
  • 60: +4% Attack (All)
  • 80: +30% Healing Effect of Red Heart


Onir's ability gives his attack a holy splash damage on hit. He has the highest Max HP and actually quite a bit of attack.

The son of Light, possessing all the powers from the Light like his shiny hair.

Onir Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 650
  • Attack: 140
  • Skill: Your attacks cause an enhanced Holy effect.
  • Cost: $9.99 USD

Onir Level Bonuses

  • 20: +200 Max HP (All)
  • 40: +20% Damage to Ground Units
  • 60: +20% Healing Effect of Red Heart (All)
  • 80: +5% Attack


Phoren blasts his enemies with fire on hit and does quite a bit of damage despite having a low attack stat.

Born from Fire, and Fire answers to no one but him.

Phoren Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 500
  • Attack: 130
  • Skill: Your attacks cause an enhanced Flame effect.
  • Cost: 50,000 Coins

Phoren Level Bonuses

  • 20: +2% Crit Chance (All)
  • 40: +15% Projectile Resistance
  • 60: +2% Crit Chance (All)
  • 80: +5% Crit Chance


Rolla will briefly freeze an enemy on hit. She has the highest beginning attack stat of any of the heroes, but is also one with one of the lowest Max HP.

The goddess of Ice, wielder of the power of ice and snow with virtuous heart.

Rolla Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 500
  • Attack: 170
  • Skill: Your attacks freeze enemies for a longer time.
  • Cost: $16.99 USD

Rolla Level Bonuses

  • 20: +60 Attack (All)
  • 40: +15% Collision Resistance
  • 60: +5% Attack (All)
  • 80: +10% Dodge Chance


An elf prince, master of the elements and loves nature.

Sylvan Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 600
  • Attack: 160
  • Skill: When attacking, there's a chance to trigger a random powerful elemental attack.
  • Cost: $18.99 USD

Sylvan Level Bonuses

  • 20: +200 Max HP (All)
  • 40: +20% Damage to Ranged Units
  • 60: +5% Attack (All)
  • 80: +6% Max HP


Taranis' attack does lightning damage to any nearby enemies, so if you like good AOE then he might be a good hero for you. He has decent Max HP and his attack is a bit low.

Born of the Thunder, and naturally able to control and wield Thunder.

Taranis Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 550
  • Attack: 130
  • Skill: Your attacks cause an enhanced Lightning effect.
  • Cost: 1,000 Gems

Taranis Level Bonuses

  • 20: +2 Crit Chance (All)
  • 40: +15% Damage to Airborne Units
  • 60: +4% Max Attack (All)
  • 80: +50% Crit Damage


Urasil deals a poison effect to any enemy he hits, which is good against higher health enemies. His HP stat is solid, but his attack is pretty weak. You get Urasil for free once this update is available for you.

Proficient in the study of Medicine, an invisible killer allowing him to be skilled in Poison.

Urasil Base Stats & Cost

  • Max HP: 550
  • Attack: 120
  • Skill: Your attacks cause an enhanced Poison effect.
  • Cost: Free

Urasil Level Bonuses

  • 20: +40 Attack (All)
  • 40: +15% Damage to Melee Units
  • 60: +15% Crit Damage (All)
  • 80: +6% Max HP
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  1. Personally I dont understand why people devalue poison. Its better than fire/freeze/dark/holy because once an enemy is poisoned it stays poisoned until it dies. This counteracts Urasils lower stats and bad level up abilities

    Having said that I also like the two heros that summon clones…bonnie and meogik. The cat just runs in a straight line tho but his level up bonuses are better.

    I never understood the berserker love because if your health is low youre probably dead soon lol. This really isnt the game where you can stay at low health and take no damage indefinitely.

  2. does the different colors on the on the tiles in your collection mean any thing? like some are green some are blue and some are grey?

    1. Those are different rarities, the higher the rarity the more powerful the item. It goes in this basic order: Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow/Orange.

  3. Onir is the top hero for me. At least better than where you put him! His slash attack is amazing! You can take out hords of enemies like it’s nothing! I do understand how in some areas he could fall “flat” such as a single enemy like a boss. His slash wouldn’t add anything to that battle. But for me the bosses aren’t usually the problem. It’s getting to the boss!(lol)