Tapper Simulator Codes – Games But Blue (December 2022)

Get a new set of wings and take off to different worlds in Tapper Simulator. Craft shiny pets and collect new pets in strange and mysterious worlds. Can you out-click the other players in the game to gather all the hidden secrets across the different worlds? We have the codes to give you that extra […]

All of Us Are Dead Codes (December 2022)

The high school football team has turned into brain-eating Zombies in All of Us Are Dead. You will need to survive for as long as possible to get better guns and gear. The horde will corner you if you are too slow, and occasionally there will be a boss Zombie that crashes the prom. Do […]

Drive Thru Tycoon Codes (December 2022)

From hotdogs to burgers and gallon sodas, you can attract all the cool kids with your tasty munchies in Drive Thru Tycoon. Build and manage your own drive-through restaurant that can earn you thousands in cash if you can keep up with the long queue of starving customers! It’s a stressful industry. Can you flip […]

Cat Piece Codes (December 2022)

How do you feel about meows and purrs instead of swashbucklers and firing canons? In Cat Piece, you can live out your favorite pirate moments from One Piece but with extra cat powers! Take on the seven seas with scratches and stretches so that you can find the perfect place to take a nap. You are going […]