One Fruit Simulator Codes (December 2022)

Take your favorite characters from One Piece and use them as your crew in One Fruit Simulator. Get the Straw Hat Pirates together again as you face fierce battles and take on new adventures that will take you to new islands and locations to explore! Get strong enough to use your favorite fruit in battle and face […]

Kaizen Codes (December 2022)

Start your adventure in Kaizen as a student of the cursed arts and rise your way to the top by learning skills and cursed techniques to take down even the strongest of foes. A storyline that will entertain you for hours will keep you wanting to progress faster as you learn how to gather different […]

Jump Clicker Codes (December 2022)

Test your Roblox avatar’s leg strength on this Jump Clicker experience! How far can you reach before plummeting back down to the ground? Collect as many clicks as possible before taking to the skies and crossing as many checkpoints before gravity starts to take hold. This race is for those who are not afraid of […]

Anime Story Codes (December 2022)

Build your ultimate anime hero in Anime Story. The journey ahead depends on what kind of anime hero you will become. Combine your strength from different animes like Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, and One Piece to become the strongest hero in your own story. If you think you have become powerful enough, try and fight against another player! Codes […]

Here’s who won the USA vs. Netherlands World Cup match, Based on FIFA 23 predictions

Fans like to say that the Round of 16 game is the most important in the tournament. This was the first win-or-go-home game and, as such, has brought plenty of drama. Europeans were favorites in the USA vs. Netherlands game, but did they live up to expectations? Here’s who won the USA vs. Netherlands World […]