How to play Outpost Rush in New World?

Outpost Rush is a PvP match type that is available only for players who reached level 60 in New World. It relies on capturing and defending outposts on the road to victory. Forty players will engage in a battle between two teams, and may the better team win. After you reach level 60 in the game you will be able […]

How to complete the Weakness of the Ego Quest in New World?

To initiate the Weakness of the Ego quest in New World, a player must speak with an NPC named Adiana Theron located in the North of Everfall in the Daughterwell. This quest relies on collecting certain items to craft Corruption Tinctures. You will need to find: Water, Petalcaps, Rivercress Stems. In order to extract Rivercress Stems, you will need […]

Who created Minecraft?

Markus “Notch” Persson originally created Minecraft in 2009. The game was a much bigger success than anticipated. Markus Persson worked in companies like King and jalbum while creating Minecraft but left to fully develop the game into its 1.0 version. Minecraft took most of its code and foundation from Infiniminer, an open-source game. Infiminer was […]