What are Red Tornadoes in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves features a vast ocean full of mystery, wonder, and treasure to discover and plunder. It constantly receives new updates which add various content to the game, including red tornadoes that appear periodically. This may leave you wondering what the red tornadoes mean in Sea of Thieves. What do the red tornadoes mean […]

Best Figureheads in Sea of Thieves

Figureheads represent the ship’s crew in Sea of Thieves. They are located on the ship’s prow and serve no utility other than decoration. However, they say a lot about the crew, and each team should pick the figurehead that represents them best. Here is the list of the best figureheads you can choose to tell […]

How to get the Oreo Sails in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves often has special promotions that allow you to gain unique cosmetics. These pop up occasionally and are typically limited, meaning they will stand you apart from other pirates. This includes the special Oreo promotion in Europe, which may leave you wondering how to get the Oreo Sails and Oreo Ship Set in […]

Can you play Sea of Thieves offline?

When it comes to pirate games, Sea of Thieves is probably the most well-known and highly played. This online title lets you sail solo or with a crew but does require you to be online. Those who prefer a more secluded experience may be wondering if Sea of Thieves has an offline mode. Does Sea […]