All Teachable Perks in Dead by Daylight

Every Survivor and Killer in Dead By Daylight has three unique perks designated specifically to them. It starts off that only these characters can use these special Perks and have higher versions of them show up in their Bloodweb. However, once a player reaches level 30, 35, and 40 of a particular character’s Bloodweb, the Teachable version […]

Fortnite Lazar Bundle Leaks and Release Date | Lazarbeam Skin & Pickaxe

Popular Fortnite streamer Lazarbeam has his own skin about to hit the item shop! Lazarbeam has been streaming himself playing games for about six years now, and his Youtube Channel has over 18 million subscribers. This places him among the top-ranking Fortnite streamers, with a base that seems only to be expanding. We managed to get the look […]