How to get Legendary Gems in Forager

The cute adventure game Forager is part Zelda clone, part gathering, and farming sim, marrying the two with great success. You start out small with just a small grassy island to work on but soon open up new areas, battle monsters, and create amazing new machines and gear. Most items in the game are crafted, […]

How to get Kraken Eye in Forager

Forager is a deep crafting and farming sim-style game with a touch of old-school Zelda-style combat thrown in. Explore the world while leveling up and learning new skills, completing quests, and building up your base. Money earned can open new areas to explore, but reach comes with new dangers to face and puzzles to work […]

All Forager Puzzle Solutions

When you start out in Forager, you’ll be harvesting and crafting farming sim-style, as well as enjoying some old-school Zelda-style combat. As you start to earn cash, you’ll be able to expand the area you play in, and sometimes the new islands you reveal have a puzzle to solve to earn large chests, which often […]

Best Forager Mods & How to Mod Forager

Forager is one of the best farming games, including mining, gathering, and other amazing features, and it is very similar to Minecraft. Just like Minecraft, sometimes it could use just a little something to take it to a whole new level, something like mods. Mods can mean a bunch of new features and mechanics added […]

How to Solve the Ancient Galaxy Puzzle in Forager | Ancient Galaxy Puzzle Solution

In Forager, there are many Galaxy Puzzles you have to solve to progress through the game. In this guide, we will explain how to solve the Ancient Galaxy Puzzle. Dress in shorts; we’re going to the desert! Ancient Galaxy Puzzle Solution This puzzle consists of 25 Pillars aligned in a square and provides you four Batteries […]