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When you start out in Forager, you’ll be harvesting and crafting farming sim-style, as well as enjoying some old-school Zelda-style combat. As you start to earn cash, you’ll be able to expand the area you play in, and sometimes the new islands you reveal have a puzzle to solve to earn large chests, which often contain unique one-time items. However, the puzzles can be obscure, with little to no help offered. So for easy reference, I’ve put together all of the Forager puzzle solutions together in this single guide.

How to solve all puzzles in Forager

You’ll find all the puzzle solutions you’ll need in Forager below, broken down into biomes. I’ve put a short line on how to do each one in the descriptions, but you can click the links to go to full walkthroughs of each of the puzzles elsewhere on Pro Game Games, which include images and all the deeper detail you may be searching for. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, as the next puzzle is always just around the corner!

Grass biome puzzles

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Below are all the Grass biome puzzles in Forager:

  • The Four Pillars puzzle: This is usually the first puzzle you’ll come across in Forager. You need to activate the pillars in the correct order, starting with the I, then the H, then the T, before activating the final pillar.   
  • The Giant Beets puzzle: Not strictly a puzzle, but an often asked question. Killing all the Giant Beets is required if you want to complete all the Feats in the game, and it also gives you a large number of Beets. It doesn’t do any harm, but they will not respawn.  
  • The Rainbow Pond puzzle: Likely the second puzzle you’ll find, the rainbow pond puzzle requires you to interact with the mushrooms around the pond in the same order as the rainbow colors (Re, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple).

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Desert biome puzzles

Below are all the Desert biome puzzles in Forager:

  • The Ancient Galaxy puzzle: You need to use the four batteries to power the correct pillars so that they all fire up at once. Use the pattern clue at the top of the tower to help solve this one, or read our complete walkthrough. 
  • The Battery puzzle: You have to have a lightning source to complete the battery puzzle, such as a Thunder or Storm Ror or Thunderstruck Potion. Hit the battery with a lightning strike to activate it, completing the quest. 
  • The Eye Statue puzzle: You’ll need some sort of projectile weapon to be able to complete this one, such as a bow or magic rod. You should simply be able to shoot the eye until the chest appears.
  • The Moon Sword Obelisk puzzle: To solve this one, you’ll need to approach the obelisk at night (hence the moon) and then attack it with your sword (hence the sword). 
  • The Where Flowers Don’t Live puzzle: When you come across this riddle on a block on the floor, you’ll need to dig in the area where there are no flowers or dig spots on the ground to reveal a large chest and claim your prize.

Graveyard biome puzzles

The dark bells puzzle solution in forager.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Below are all the Graveyard biome puzzles in Forager:

  • The Colored Pedestals puzzle: Note the top of each pedestal is a different shape and color. These match the four basic Gem types in the game (Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, and Amethyst). Place the correct Gem on each pedestal.  
  • The Dark Bells puzzle: Check the sign below the bells to get the pattern, then ring them in the correct order. Each bell has its own tone. I can’t be sure it is the same for all players, but for me, it was Right, Left, Middle, Right, Middle, Middle, Left, Middle, Right, Middle, Left.
  • The Proximity Spike Traps puzzle: Not strictly a puzzle, but it can be tricky to work out how to get to those lovely chests! A Fairy in a Jar will do it, or you can destroy the spikes with a Thunder Rod, Bomb, or Fire Arrows.    
  • The Skull Braziers puzzle: You’ll need a source of fire (Magic or otherwise) to light the braziers. Light all the braziers (in any order, even all at once), and you’ll be done with this challenge.
  • The Skull Galaxy puzzle: You’re going to need four basic items to solve this one. Place a Key, Bottle of Water, Fish, and Paper on their relevant pillars (each has a sign with a clue) to complete the quest. 

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Winter biome puzzles

Below are all the Winter biome puzzles in Forager:

  • The Frozen Galaxy puzzle: If you know how to convert binary into text, this little conundrum is easy to solve. Just change each screen to show the same number of objects as the binary code beneath it suggests. But for the rest of us, click through to the main guide.
  • The Frozen Chest puzzle: The solution to this one is simply down to melting the ice. You can do this with a Grenade or any fire item, such as the Fire Sword. 
  • The Stone Princess puzzle: To get a Big Chest here, you just need to place a Cinderbloom on the statue. 

Fire biome puzzles

  • The Coded Switches puzzle: Starting with all the switches off, activate them in the following order: left middle; right bottom; right top; bottom right; bottom middle; left top; right middle; left bottom; top middle; top left; bottom left; top right.
  • The Fire Chests puzzle: Much as with the Frozen Chest above, the opposite applies here. You can get to the chest by using any weapon that does Freezing damage, or the pacifists amongst us can simply use a Bottle of Water. 
  • The Fire Galaxy puzzle: To complete this challenge, you’ll need to depress all the pillars. Note that reentering the tower resets the puzzle if you make a mistake. Click through to our full solution for spoilers on which pillars to toggle.

Looking for more Forager help? We’ve got you covered at Pro Game Guides! Check out How to get Legendary Gems in Forager, How to Solve the Crystal Cave Puzzle in Forager, and more right here! 

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All Forager Puzzle Solutions

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