How to get Wrinklers in Cookie Clicker?

Wrinklers are a feature that occurs later on in Cookie Clicker. They can only occur during the Grandmapocalypse and are effective at increasing your cookie production. These leech-like creatures will spawn and circle your cookie. Wrinklers will begin to appear once the Grandmapocalypse has begun. They have a set rate of spawning which is 0.001 […]

How to get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker?

An important ingredient in cookies is sugar, after all, who doesn’t like a sweet cookie? Sugar Lumps are an important aspect of Cookie Clicker as well. If you are wondering how to get Sugar Lumps and what they are, check out this helpful guide! To get Sugar Lumps, you must first have baked at least […]

How to get Milk in Cookie Clicker?

If you are playing Cookie Clicker right now, you might feel as if getting a hang of the intricacies of the game is a bit difficult. What is Milk? And how do you even begin to obtain it? Don’t worry! We’ve got a helpful guide below that will assist you in getting all the Milk […]