All Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact, Ranked

Genshin Impact’s roster of Pyro characters contains many diverse choices. While many are known for their fiery damage output, others can be great at supporting a team. There is a lot to think about when deciding which characters you should pull for and/or build. Here are all of the Pyro characters in Genshin Impact, ranked. […]

Genshin Impact – Xingqiu Best Build, Team, and more!

 Xingqiu is Genshin Impact’s premiere 4-star Hydro character. In a game based around creating reactions for maximum damage output, the constant Hydro application that Xingqiu provides is incredibly important for any account to access. He also provides some valuable defensive utility via damage and interrupts resistance. Overall, Xingqiu is one of the most valuable characters […]