All Biomutant Classes, Breeds, and Mutations Explained

The one thing the upcoming game Biomutant is not lacking is customization, especially in character creation. When you first start your game, you're able to choose from several options for your character, which can be overwhelming if you aren't sure what to choose. In the guide below, we provide general descriptions of all the character aspects to help you pick what suits your best.


There are six breeds to choose from, each of them of them representing a distinct branch of the same species. Here they are, listed in order of how they appear on the selection screen.

  • Primal
    • The Primal breed has lower-than-average stats in several categories, but make up for it in their critical chance stat. Characters of this breed have advantage over their opponents by focusing on hitting hard and fast while staying stealthy and agile. You can most closely compare these to assassins in most other games.
  • Dumdon
    • Dumdons are similar to Primals in that they have low health. However, they differ in that instead of dealing their damage with critical hits, they are paired best with weapons that allow them to swing away without the need for precision. They hit hard and fast with reckless abandon, but need to be careful to avoid being hit back. They are the Leroy Jenkins of Biomutant.
  • Rex
    • The Rex breed is best for new players that aren't familiar with stat selection when playing games. They have well-rounded stats that can accommodate to most situations and classes. They have high health and health regeneration, as well as high strength and intellect, which provides them wider access to different combat methods than any other breed.
  • Hyla
    • Hylas are the most tanky of all the breeds. Their health and armor is higher than any other breed, and their melee damage is above average. However, their intelligence is below average, so they are not an ideal breed for players who want to use elemental abilities. Players should select this breed if they want to be the gentle giant among the tribes.
  • Fip
    • The Fip breed is your ideal elemental breed. They have the highest intelligence stats, and apply those stats to their psionic abilities. They are capable of dealing heavy damage from melee and ranged positions, but this advantage is countered by their lower-than-average vitality and agility stats.
  • Murgel
    • Murgels are the only breed that focus less on combat and more on the rewards. They have much higher charisma stats than the other breeds, which provides them better bartering and trade techniques. This is an effective strategy to play through the game, since it heavily relies on reputation and access to weapons and gear. This breed is best for players who only fight when necessary and prefer to be more resourceful than combative.

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Mutations are most easily explained as character stats. In most games with character customization, you can remove points in strength or agility and put them towards stats like luck or vitality. It's the same in Biomutant, but with some additional changes. Here is the rundown for each mutation and how they affect your character.

  • Vitality: Alters your character's ability to take damage or survive specific status effects. Altering this mutation will primarily change how thick your character looks.
    • Health: Influences how much health/hit points your character has. The higher the health, the more damage required to take them down.
    • Armor: Influences how much damage is taken to your health when you're hit. The stronger the armor, the less damage you take. Armor does not appear to be affected by the Vitality stat, and instead increases or decreases based on the equipment you wear.
  • Strength: Alters your character's damage and power compared against enemies and NPCs. Altering this mutation will primarily change how buff your character looks.
    • Melee Damage: Influences how much damage your weapons do. The higher the melee damage, the higher the maximum and minimum damage inflicted every time you strike an enemy.
  • Intellect: Alters your character's elemental abilities in combat. Altering this mutation will primarily change the size of your character's head.
    • Power: Influences how much damage your elemental abilities inflict. Also influences the effectiveness of abilities that don't cause damage.
    • Energy: Influences how much you can use your elemental abilities. The higher the Energy, the more you can use an ability.
    • Energy Regen: Influences how quickly your Energy regenerates after using an ability. The higher the regeneration rate, the sooner you'll be able to use an ability after you've spent your energy.
  • Charisma: Alters your character's influence with NPCs. The higher the Charisma, the faster you'll build positive relations with NPCs for better results while trading. Altering this mutation will change your character's face, height, and thickness.
    • Barter: Influences how cheap you can buy items and how much money you'll receive when you sell items.
  • Agility: Alters your character's speed and dexterity. The higher the agility, the easier it will be to dodge, strike, and move around your enemies. Altering this mutation will change how lean and tall your character is.
    • Move Speed: Influences how fast you move in and out of combat.
  • Luck: Alters the chance you have for beneficial events to happen in combat. The higher the Luck stat, the more likely you are to receive better loot or deal heavy damage.
    • Critical Chance: Influences how likely it is that you'll deal a critical strike, which greatly increases the damage inflicted with a single strike. The higher this stat is, the more often you'll deal powerful blows.
    • Loot Chance: Influences how often you get loot after defeating an enemy and how valuable the loot is. Loot can be gear, currency, or weapons.

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  • Dead-Eye
    • Info: Dead-eye is for players that plan to use ranged weapons and critical hits as their primary source of damage. This class will feature precise weapons and should be paired with players who excel in agility and dexterity. Since this class focuses on ranged weapons, it is also an ideal option for players who like to mod weapons to fit in with any combat scenario.
    • Perks: Ranged weapons are reloaded instantly and the next magazine gets an additional 20 percent damage.
    • Ideal Breeds: Primal, Hyla, Murgel
  • Commando
    • Info: Ideal for ranged-weapon users. Instead of focusing on hitting hard and fast, players should choose Commando if they lean towards strategy and calculated fighting techniques. This class also seems to center on buffs for any allies, and banes for villains.
    • Perks: Ranged weapon attacks deal 10 percent additional damage to target.
    • Ideal Breeds: Primal, Hyla, Murgel
  • Psi-Freak
    • Info: A roguish class that works better for players who like to work individually. They can manipulate energy around them to cast unique abilities. Their primary method of damage-infliction centers around critical hits and strategic timing when using their abilities. This class is ideal for players who balance between strategy and skill.
    • Ability: Spark Ball - Throws an electrical ball in the direction you're facing and deals damage to any enemy it hits.
    • Perks: Ki-Energy Regen increased by 20 percent.
    • Ideal Breeds: Fip, Rex
  • Saboteur
    • Info: Works best in melee combat. While they lack in consistently dealing heavy damage, they make up for it by being extremely difficult to target and kill. With a much higher chance for evasion, this class is perfect for players who like to use stealth and skill to defeat their opponents.
    • Ability: Twin Silver Grip - Capable of dual-wielding two one-handed weapons.
    • Perks: Dodge Energy cost is reduced by 20 percent.
    • Ideal Breeds: Primal, Dumdon, Hyla
  • Sentinel
    • Info: Fits with any character breed and is flexible enough to accommodate to any play style. They hit hard with simple techniques and have high defensive skills, making them far more brutish than the other classes. This class is ideal for players that haven't decided how they want to play their abilities or what fighting techniques they'd like to use. It also works for players that want to toy with the myriad of customization options this game offers.
    • Perks: Base Armor is increased by 10.
    • Ideal Breeds: All

That's what we know so far for the character creation in Biomutant. More information about every breed, mutation, and class is being released every day, so be sure to check back often!

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