Best Biomutant Class Perks

Depending on the character architype chosen by players in Biomutant; the special abilities, or perks assigned to each class, help to excel the character’s build in combat style and determines the starting equipment given at the beginning of the game. Best Biomutant Class Perks Though a few of these assigned abilities are available for all […]

Best Biomutant Abilities and Mutations

In Biomutant, players will fight enemies with powerful abilities that consist of slimy Radioactive bile, sprouting mushrooms, and shotguns shaped like a trumpets! Some of these Abilities and Mutations are better and more effective than others. Best Biomutant Abilities and Mutations Biogenetics and Psi-Powers are the two types of Mutations, or special abilities, in Biomutant. […]

How to Solve the Microwave Rotation Puzzles in Biomutant: All Fry-Sparker Locations and Solutions

One popular type of puzzle in Biomutant is the rotation puzzle. In these puzzles, you must rotate knobs within a specific amount of moves to provide power to objects in the game. In this guide, we will explain how to solve each Fry-Sparker Rotation Puzzle. As with most rotation puzzles, the trick to the Microwave […]