How to make all Special Dishes in Genshin Impact

At this time, there are 38 Special Dishes in Genshin Impact,and they can only be made by allotted characters. These Special Dishes offer players more advanced benefits and provide character boosts in Attack, Defense and HP Recovery. When players cook Normal Dishes, there’s a 20% chance the meal will be made as a Special Dish […]

Best Healers in Genshin Impact

Each healer in Genshin Impact has their own way of doing their very helpful healing jobs while dealing awesome damage at the same time. The best healers are really determined by playstyle and accurate utilization of the characters’ abilities. Best Healers in Genshin Impact As the character list grows overtime in Genshin Impact, this list […]

How to farm all Character Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Ascending characters in Genshin Impact is essentially increasing their current max level. Players must max out their current level to acquire Ascension Materials. Once players get to Adventurer Rank 15, they are able to start ascending characters. With the exception of the Traveler who requires the Brilliant Diamonds materials set, different characters require different Ascension […]

How to farm all Weapon Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Players will spend a great deal of time farming Weapon Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact. Once players have reached their current max levels, Weapon Ascension Materials can be obtained to upgrade weapon and increase the weapon’s power and its damage dealt. All Weapon Ascension Materials, all of their different rarities and where to farm them, […]

How to claim Genshin Impact Daily Check In Rewards

Every time players login into Genshin Impact, they can earn an assortment of rewards. Players can log into their miHoYo Accounts to get free in-game rewards, like Primogens, Mora, and Mora! Travelers can claim these rewards daily, by heading to the HoYoLab Community Website, which is easy for players to get to via the Community […]