BitLife How to Get the Stupid Ribbon Guide

We're taking a look at How to Earn the Stupid Ribbon in BitLife! If you're trying to collect each of the Ribbons, then the Stupid one might be a potential stumbling block when it comes to your quest. Well, never fear! This guide will teach you exactly what you need to do to lead a dumb life in the game.

How to Get the Stupid Ribbon

Well, we're going to need to be pretty stupid to get this ribbon. I mean that literally, keep cycling through new lives until you get one that has a below 10% smarts rating. We're going to need to make sure to keep that rating as low as possible. So, try to make sure to pick every more stupid decision you can choose from when you get a selection after each year. You should also try to make sure not to get too crazy, because you can sometimes go too far and get the Scandalous ribbon by going to jail. So, be stupid, but not too stupid.

When you get to school, take chance to yell at people and skip class. Once you have the option, drop out of school so you don't learn anything! When you get the option to take your driver's test, you should do it and then intentionally fail it. Now that you're out of school, make sure not to get a job and just squander what little potential you have.

If you get offered drugs and what not you should take it. If you get addicted you can sometimes die pretty early on which will make getting this ribbon easier. The key is to die as soon as you can but with less than 10% smarts. So, continue to make stupid decisions and accelerate the time until you die. If you were able to die with below 10% smarts you will get the Stupid Ribbon!

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