Bugsnax: How to catch a Flamin Cheepoof

On Snaktooth Island, there are tons of cute, food-themed critters called Bugsnax that you can capture, including a Flamin Cheepoof. To catch a Flamin Cheepoof, you need a Lunchpad and a Snak Trap. The Flamin Cheepoof is located in the Boiling Bay biome, specifically the lava cave by the coast. Launch a trap at it […]

How to catch the Cuppacceetle in Bugsnax

Bugsnax has a lot of creatures to capture and every one of them has to be captured in a specific way. The Cuppacceetle took a few pages out of the roaming Pokémon notebook as it scurries all over the place in a desperate attempt to avoid you. Luckily, if you can track it down, it […]