Best weapons to use in MW3 Zombies

Use these weapons to destroy zombies.

In MW3 Zombies, weapons are essential to fight against zombies, especially if you want to complete contracts. Here are the best weapons to use to survive in the high-threat tier zone in every match.

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Best guns to use in MW3 Zombies

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There are a few weapons that stand out in MW3 Zombies, but remember, maneuvering around enemies is key to surviving in any match in this game mode. You'll often find most players having no weapons in their inventory, which is because running without a gun allows the operator to sprint faster.

I prefer to have at least one weapon in my inventory so my operator can switch to the secondary slot and run at full speed with no gun in hand. After experimenting with most of the guns, here's a list of the best five weapons you can use in MW3 Zombies.

SVA 545

The SVA 545 is an assault rifle that unlocks at Level 4, and it is one of the best choices in MW3 for several reasons. After leveling up this gun, you can equip a larger magazine to have more ammunition while fighting zombie. I use attachments like the STV Precision Barrel for range and damage, as well as the 50 Round magazine. If you are having trouble building a loadout, check out our class setup for the SVA 545.

Holger 556

The Holger 556 is an assault rifle that can be unlocked after reaching Level 25. The Armory Unlock method allows players to get their favorite guns first by completing a few daily challenges. I like to use this in zombies since it deals great damage with every shot, and the recoil pattern is easy to memorize.


Players looking to use fast-firing weapons would love the AMR9 SMG that unlocks at Level 4. This is a powerful SMG that you can modify with the proper attachments. For instance, I prefer to use a Barrel to stabilize recoil and a Magazine attachment to increase clip size. Get close to the enemies with this weapon to fire at enemies, and reposition quickly before the magazine runs out.

Holger 26

If you are an old-school zombie hunter, then there is no better weapon to use than a powerful LMG like the Holger 26. You can get this weapon through Level 25 Armory Unlock. I recommend equipping the 100-Round magazine as it is exceptional against hordes of enemies. Get the Pack-A-Punch upgrades on this weapon to further increase magazine size and damage.

WSP Swarm

The WSP Swarm is a brilliant SMG that you can get through Armory Unlock system after reaching Level 25. I recommend getting a Pack-A-Punch upgrade on this weapon as soon as possible since the damage output is lower than assault rifles. Some of the attachments I use with this weapon are the 100 Round Drum to increase magazine size, and the Colossus Suppressor Barrel to stabilize recoil.

Best weapons for solo players in MW3 Zombies

I usually play as a solo in MW3 Zombies; it is an effective method to farm weapon schematics and complete story missions. Mostly, I raid the medium and high-threat zones after upgrading my weapon to with Pack-A-Punch. If you are planning to do the same, here are a couple of weapons that stand out.

Tyr Pistol

The Tyr Pistol is an amazing weapon you can use in MW3 Zombies to devastate enemies. I prefer using the Ullr's Fury Trigger with the Akimbo Rear Grip attachments for quicker shots. After spawning in the match, make this weapon more effective by equipping Pack-A-Punch upgrades and Aether Tools.

The trick with this weapon is to get close to the enemies, fire both magazines and reposition quickly. You'll only have a few bullets in every clip, but the damage dealt by a leveled-up Tyr Pistol can shatter Mega Abominations within minutes.

Best Perks

You'll need a few necessary perks while using the Tyr pistol, and I recommend finding the following ones:

  • Speed-Cola
    • Speed-Cola increases reload and armor replate speed, which makes a massive difference while fighting groups of zombies.
  • Deadshot Daquiri
    • Deadshot Daquiri allows you to hit critical shots by aiming down sights. This perk is exceptional as it targets the weak points in different types of zombies.
  • Juggernog
    • Juggernog increases your maximum health, making it a must-use consumable for every match.
  • Stamin-Up
    • Stamin-Up significantly increases sprint speed and run speed, allowing you to outrun zombies easily.

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Another top weapon to use is the Crossbow as it is exceptionally powerful against zombies with the proper attachments. Equip the Brightblade 20" Bolt with So Momento Arms to get the most damage out of this weapon. Additionally, equip an underbarrel or wire attachment to make an effective loadout.

The method with this gun is to move around quickly while shooting the enemy for critical hits. With the Thermite rounds, the enemy will keep incuring fire damage while you reposition. Naturally, you'll need perks to improve weapon efficiency and character speed.

Best Perks

The perks I like to use while running around with the Crossbow in MW3 Zombies are as follows:

  • Speed-Cola
    • Similar to the previous build, Speed-Cola is a must-have consumable as the reload and replate speed can make a critical difference in-game.
  • Juggernog
    • Another essential consumable is the Juggernog, especially if you are traveling to the medium-threat or high-threat zone,
  • Stamin-Up
    • Stamin-Up is perhaps the best perk to have in MW3 zombies as it makes your character significantly faster.
  • Deadshot Daquiri
    • Since the Crossbow is a single-shot weapon, Deadshot Daquiri is an effective perk to have in the zombies mode. Make sure to ADS before shooting every arrow as this way you can land more critical hits.
  • PHD Flopper
    • The PHD Flopper gives your operator a unique perk that detonates every time your character goes prone. This perk deals AoE damage, and the distance of the drop is directly proportional to the explosion. The best part is you get immunity from fall damage while jumping from tall buildings in a prone state.

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Best equipment to use in MW3 Zombies

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Lethal and Tactical equipment can effectively defeat or distract enemies in MW3 Zombies. You can always restock these items by visiting an Ammo Cache around the map. For players relying entirely on movement, you'll need to carry a few Lethal and Tactical equipment to survive while running around zombies.

I've found the Decoy Grenade to be the best item in the game, especially if you are raiding POIs in the high-tier threat zone. These grenade distract the zombies for a short time, allowing you to quickly maneuver around them without taking any damage. Similarly, the LT53 Kazimir creates a rift that pulls in all zombies, and the Monkey Bomb lures in the enemies before detonating.

Here's how to get all the best equipment in MW3 Zombies:

  • Decoy Grenade - Unlocked at account level 42
  • Monkey Bomb - Found as ground loot in-game
  • LT53 Kazimir - Found as ground loot in-game
  • Throwing Knives - Unlocked at account level 30
  • Stim - Armory unlock at account level 25

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Best weapons to use in MW3 Zombies

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