Call of Duty Blackout Tips and Tricks – Fast Drops, Wingsuit, Looting, and More!

Blackout is the hot new Battle Royale that comes with Call of Duty Black Ops 4. If you are new to this style of play, these tips and tricks will help you get a handle on it.

Our Call of Duty Blackout Tips and Tricks guide will run you through some beginner and intermediate tips that can help you get better quickly and start winning games in this new Battle Royale mode.

If you are new to Battle Royale games then Blackout might be a confusing and tough thing to get into right away. These tips should guide you through all stages of the game and help understand what makes this style of play different from your standard Multiplayer Deathmatch modes.

Blackout Tips and Tricks

I tried to order these in a way that they will be helpful from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. If you have some tips you think should be included, let me know in the comments.

Dropping Out of the Helicopter

This is a bit different from most Battle Royale games. If you are looking to travel far, you don't want to just push forward in that direction. What you want to do is head straight down to gain speed, then once your arms come together, you can then go horizontally towards the point you are targeting. This will start you gliding at a high speed, which will get you to where you want to go quickly.

Fast Drops

You'll want to be out of your parachute as quickly as possible. So to do this most efficiently, go straight down towards the ground, and then try to target the lowest point you can see that's near you. The best for this is usually water, as it is most likely lower than any buildings or land. You pull your parachute at a specific distance based on what is below you. If you are over a mountain, you are going to pull the chute really early, and this will mean you are in your parachute for a long time and it will take you forever to reach your target.

Utilize Cover

This is more for people who are coming from a Fortnite background. If you are used to just running around in the open and being able to have cover at a moments notice, this is going to get you killed quickly in this game. Utilizing cover is going to be the key to you surviving much longer. If you are traveling, try to stay behind a tree or rock as you do. Stay low under hills to use their height as natural cover. Trees, buildings, vehicles, are all your friend when it comes to blocking enemy shots.

Wingsuit From High Places

A unique feature of Blackout is that you always have your Wingsuit available. If you are high above the ground, you can run and HOLD jump off of it and it will deploy the Wingsuit allowing you to glide to safety. Now, you will really need to be careful with this because it's not always apparent how high you need to be when doing this. You can easily jump off a spot you think is high enough and plummet to your doom. You'll want to practice this a bit in situations where you aren't actually in the midst of battle. A good way to try this out would be in squads and duos so your teammate can pick you up.

Healing on the Move

Another big difference in Blackout is that you can heal yourself while moving. This is rarely the case in other Battle Royales, so try to keep this one in mind. If you are getting tagged, heal up and move towards cover. Even when you are behind cover, you should still be moving around slightly to make it difficult for you to get sniped or shot from behind.

Activate Perks

This is another of these unique things to Blackout, but you will find lootable perks. You will want to use these pretty much immediately once you get them. If you are in a hot drop situation, then you'll really want to engage them as fast as possible. If you are in a quiet area, you can risk holding onto them, but they can be hard to use in a hectic situation. These usually last for a few minutes, so while you might waste them, it's better to use them then just be eliminated while holding onto them.

Trauma Kit Yourself Above 150 HP

Trauma Kits are the best healing item in the game at the moment. Not only do they give you full health back, but they give you an additional 50 hp. You should know, however, that once you lose that 50 hp you can only get it back by using another Trauma Kit. You should use these to get yourself to 200 hp even if you don't need to heal. Battle Royale games are not forgiving, if you try to be greedy and save it, you might just be eliminated before you get a chance to use it.

Learn everything there is to know about protecting and healing yourself with our Blackout Armor and Healing Guide!

Aim for the Head

Seems obvious, but unless your target has level 3 armor then they have no protection for their head. Armor absorbs a lot of your damage, so if you don't want your enemy to just soak up the bullets you are firing at them, it's best to aim for the head!

Crouch Walk to Sneak

In some situations you might be able to sneak up on your opponent. This is difficult while running because footsteps can be pretty loud and obvious to anyone with a half decent headset or speakers. If you aren't super vulnerable, try crouch walking or using the Dead Silent perk to sneak up on your enemy for an easy kill.

Go Prone While Looting

If you are looting someone you just eliminated or just in general, you'll want to be sure to at the very least to go prone while doing so. On Console in particular, you can't move too much while looting which makes you a sitting duck for any snipers that see you standing there. Prone works well in the weeds or bushes, so try to do this if you need to loot for an extended period of time.

Melee Downed Enemies

If you've got an enemy down in duos or squads it's usually tempting to just shoot them. However, if you are close to them you are better off just meleeing to finish. It takes one melee strike to finish the job, so you can do this and not waste ammo or potentially get stuck reloading while being shot.

Pick Up Teammates Immediately

If you are fighting people actively you won't be able to do this, but if you aren't then try to revive your teammates right away. The resurrect time in Blackout is really fast, so you can pick them up and get them back into the fight pretty safely. This isn't something that is commonplace in most Battle Royale games, but because of the quick revive time, it's worth going for it immediately.

Best Loot: Zombie Areas

If you really want great loot and just about always guaranteed level 2 - 3 armor then head to Zombie Areas. You'll know there's Zombies if you see a blue beacon. This beacon displays where the Mystery Supply Chest is and will almost always have that very important level 3 armor. It also has a ton of other great loot, so hitting these areas can be worth your while.

Check out our guide and map locations to the Undead with our Blackout Zombies Guide.

Pick Up All Ammunition

The way ammunition works in this game is that you can carry all types without limit. However, each ammo type has a maximum amount you can carry. So, if you have time, you might as well pick up all the ammo you can find. Who knows what gun you might end up using late in the game, so grabbing as much as you can is the best idea as long as you aren't in a rush.

Pick Up Ammo First and THEN Pick Up the Gun

When you pick up a gun there's an animation for bringing it out and to the ready. If you aren't battling someone for the gun, you are better off grabbing the ammo first because there's no real animation associated with it. If you grab the gun first, you'll have to wait for the animation and THEN you can pick up the ammo. This saves a bit of time which can be very important in games like this.

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