COD Blackout Challenges List – Darks Ops Challenges & How-to Complete Them!

Learn all there is to know about Challenges and Dark Ops Challenges in Blackout!

We've set our eyes on Call of Duty's new Battle Royale, and we've got a full guide with all a complete Blackout Challenges List and a look at the Dark Ops Challenges!

A lot of these challenges will be completed while you play the game. However, you'll want to try and focus on some of them just to get them completed. Most of these have multiple tiers you will need to complete, if it is a tier you will get 25 merits per tier finished. Merits are the experience system in Blackout. As you level up, you can unlock different Characters that you can use which essentially are skins. Learn more about the merit system with our Blackout Fast Leveling Guide!

Blackout Challenges List

Career: Professional Challenges

  • My First Time: Get your first victory.
  • Winner Winner: Win 10 times.
  • I’ll Do It Myself: Win any Duos or Quads Game as the last player alive on your team 5 times.
  • Solo Victory: Get 5 wins in this mode.
  • Duos Victory: Get 5 wins in this mode.
  • Quads Victory: Get 5 wins in this mode.
  • Solo Conquest: Place top 5 in this mode 10 times.
  • Duos Conquest: Place top 5 in this mode 10 times.
  • Quads Conquest: Place top 5 in this mode 10 times.
  • My Participation Award: Place Top 25 10 times.
  • Unthinking Act of Murder: Eliminate 10 Enemies.
  • Career Scavenger: Scavenge 1500 items.
  • Professional Mastery: Complete All Professional Challenges 100%.

Career: Survivalist Challenges

  • Team Player: Revive a squad mate 25 times.
  • Heal Up: Use any health item on yourself 100 times.
  • Armored Up: Acquire and equip armor 50 times.
  • Backpacker: Collect 50 Backpacks.
  • Got The Drop: Kill 25 enemies without taking damage from them.
  • Amphibious Assault: Eliminate an enemy while under water 5 times.
  • Getaway Vehicle: Escape 10 times from a fight using a vehicle.
  • Perks? Really?: Finish a game in the top 10 with a perk active 25 times.
  • Equip It and Mint It: Eliminate enemies 25 times using equipment.
  • True Sniper: Kill an enemy at long range with a sniper rifle 5 times.
  • Roster Update: Complete 5 Unlock Missions.
  • One Step Ahead: Finish 25 games in the top 10 without taking damage from the circle.
  • Survivalist Mastery: Complete all Survivalist Challenges 100%.

Operations: Heroics

  • Destroyer of Vehicles: Destroy 10 occupied vehicles.
  • Revenge is a Dish: Eliminate the enemy that put you in the Last Stand 10 times.
  • Best Served Cold: Eliminate the enemy that killed your squad mate and place Top 5 in 5 different games.
  • This Is Just Cruel: Win the game without being downed 5 times.
  • Pack Hunter: Eliminate 2 or more enemies from the same squad 5 times.
  • Nope: Eliminate the enemy that damaged you 10 times.
  • Path to Peace: Win a game with no kills.
  • Keen Focus: Eliminate 5 enemies while blinded or concussed.
  • Frantic Defense: Take damage while unarmed and kill the attacker 5 times.
  • Get Straight To It: Eliminate 2 or more enemies within 30 seconds of deploying 5 times.
  • Clutch: Kill an entire enemy Squad single-handedly in a Quads match.
  • Masochist: Place in the Top 5 using only the first inventory item picked up.
  • Heroics Mastery: Complete all Heroics Challenges 100%.

Operations: Vehicular

  • Destruction Derby: Destroy and occupied vehicle with a vehicle 1 time.
  • Just In Time: Exit a vehicle that is about to be destroyed by a locked on rocket 5 times.
  • Silent Gliding: Travel 10 miles in a wingsuit.
  • Road Trippin’: Travel 10 miles in a land vehicle.
  • Water Rat: Travel 10 miles in a sea vehicle.
  • I Believe I Can Fly: Travel 50 miles in an air vehicle.
  • Saw It In The Movies: Kill 10 enemies as a passenger of any vehicle.
  • Top Tour: Drive or Pilot all vehicle types in a game of Blackout 5 times.
  • Road Rage: Run over an enemy with a land vehicle to kill them 5 times.
  • Hijacker: Kill 1 or more enemies that are passengers in a land vehicle 5 times.
  • Pirate: Kill 1 or more enemies that are passengers in a sea vehicle 5 times.
  • Scoundrel: Kill 1 or more enemies that are passengers in an air vehicle 5 times.
  • Vehicular Mastery: Complete all Vehicular Challenges 100%.

Dark Ops Challenges List

These are hidden challenges and are only unlocked when you do a certain task. You get a Calling Card and 25 merits for completing each of these. We'll be listing them all below, but keep in mind that this is a work in progress. If you find any that we don't have on the list, please let us know in the comments!

Back in the Ground

Kill 100 Zombies

Not too hard, just time consuming. Head to our Blackout Zombies Locations & Guide for more information.


Shoot a Basket.

Head to the Estates part of the map and locate the basketball court. You should find a ball there, grab it and shoot it into the basket!

Fist Fighter

Kill an enemy using only your fists.

All you need to do is punch someone to death. You can't have a gun in your inventory, and if you grab the Brawler perk this will be a whole lot easier to do. Try to sneak up on someone in the early game and punch their lights out!

Open the Blast Doors

Open the Blast Doors at Fracking Tower.

Practice Makes Perfect

Shoot a bullseye at the Firing Range from 90 meters.

You'll see a bunch of targets in the Firing Range portion of the map. Get yourself a sniper rifle and shoot one in the bullseye!

Red Light, Green Light

Find and be the first to loot the underwater supply stash at the Cargo Docks.

Respect Your Elders

Pay your respects to Tanbor Fudgely.

Zombie Jams

Activate the Jukebox at the Diner.

All you need to do is head to the diner that's to the west of Array. You'll find the bright orange and green Jukebox inside the diner, and you can activate it and complete the challenge.

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  1. Respect you elders

    Statue near the bridge (F-6) I walk up to it stand on the last tile facing the statue and press square( PS4) – player will pay respect – you will know as the screen with change from 1 person to 3rd person