All 10 Darkness Rift Locations in Destiny 2 – No Peeking Triumph

Close the Rifts to earn the No Peeking Triumph!

Savathûn's Throne World is filled with secrets and mysteries to uncover. Darkness Rifts are a great example of an unexplained mystery that appears in multiple places around the Throne World. These dimensional tears are easy to miss, and in many cases just look to be part of the environment. Here is where you can locate all of the Darkness Rifts and earn the No Peeking Triumph.

How to close the Darkness Rifts

In order to earn the No Peeking Triumph, players will need to locate all of the Darkness Rifts and close them. However, closing them isn't as simple as it sounds. In order to close Darkness Rifts, players will need to own the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher. You will need to shoot this Grenade Launcher at the ground to give yourself the Worm Byproduct buff. When you have this buff, shooting a Darkness Rift will close it. You will need to do this at all 10 Darkness Rifts on the Throne World to unlock this Triumph.

Darkness Rift in Quagmire

This Darkness Rift can be found in Southeast Quagmire. It is inside of a square structure that you pass right by on your way to Alluring Curtain. Shooting this Rift while buffed with Worm Byproduct will cause it to close.

Darkness Rift in Temple of the Cunning

This Darkness Rift can be found all the way down into the Temple of the Cunning. The map above shows the entrance to the passageway that leads you there. Once you are there, you will cross a bridge leading towards the Temple. Once you get to the landing that comes after the two swinging pendulums, you will want to jump onto the rock formation to your right. After passing by another pendulum, you will see the Darkness Rift up on a ledge. Stand back quite a bit and shoot the Rift while you have the Worm Byproduct buff.

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Darkness Rift in Florescent Canal

This Darkness Rift can be found on the lower East side of the Florescent Canal. If players are coming from Quagmire, the first sort of Square that you get to will have this Darkness Rift in an outbuilding that is hanging over the edge. There is actually a cutout for this building that you can see very clearly on the map above.

Darkness Rift in Court of Thorns

This Darkness Rift is situated high above your head in the Court of Thorns. This one is a bit tricky as it appears the Rift doesn't properly appear for all players. However, even if you cannot see the Rift on your screen you should still be able to shoot it and close it. Using the image above you will be able to see that the arrow is pointing directly at where the Rift is. Shoot in this area until you get an Immune notice. Once you get that, just apply your Worm Byproduct buff and shoot in the same place you got the Immune ping.

Darkness Rift in Queen’s Bailey

This Darkness Rift is located in the main courtyard area of Queen's Bailey. If you enter Queen's Bailey from the Florescent Canal, this Rift can be found to your left side against the back wall of the courtyard. This is the exact location where you used Deepsight for the first time in The Witch Queen campaign.

Darkness Rift in Miasma

This Darkness Rift is found in West Miasma. It is located right in front of a door with Savathûn's rune on it. Defeat the Lucent Hive in the area, and check behind a structure to the right of the door for the Darkness Rift.

Darkness Rift in Extraction Lost Sector

This Darkness Rift is located within the Extraction Lost Sector. After completing the Lost Sector, you can find this Rift just above the door behind the Loot Cache. Apply the Worm Byproduct buff and shoot the Rift to close it.

Darkness Rift in Sepulcher Lost Sector

This Darkness Rift can be found within the Sepulcher Lost Sector. After defeating all of the enemies and clearing the Lost Sector, players can find this Rift just to the left of the Loot Cache. Same as before, apply the Worm Byproduct buff and shoot the Rift to close it.

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Darkness Rift in Metamorphosis Lost Sector

This Darkness Rift is located at the very end of the Metamorphosis Lost Sector. This one can be a bit tricky to grab and may take a few tries. The Darkness Rift is located within the elevator that takes you back to the start of the Lost Sector. You will need to apply the Worm Byproduct buff and immediately step into the elevator. Once you reach the peak of your flight, you will see the Rift directly under you. You will need to shoot this Rift to close it while flying through the air. If you miss the Rift you will have to run back through the Lost Sector again.

Darkness Rift in Altar of Reflection

This Darkness Rift can be found at the Altar of Reflection at any time. This means that you can locate it during the Altar of Reflection activity, or during the main campaign mission, The Mirror. The Altar of Reflection quest can change locations, however, this Rift will always be located to the left of the Altar at the end every time.

So there you have it, those are all of the Darkness Rift Locations in Destiny 2. Finding and closing all 10 of these Rifts will award you with the No Peeking Triumph and get you one step closer to completing all of the Secrets Triumphs

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All 10 Darkness Rift Locations in Destiny 2 – No Peeking Triumph

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