All Lucent Moth Locations in the Throne World in Destiny 2 – Lepidopterist Triumph

Uncover the Moths to get the Lepidopterist Triumph.

Several secrets and mysteries are awaiting you in Savathûn's Throne World in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. One of these secrets is the Lucent Moths hidden throughout the region. These Lucent Moths are collectibles that can earn players the Lepidopterist Triumph when they collect them all. Here are all of the Lucent Moth Locations in Savathûn's Throne World in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

All Lucent Moth Locations

Lucent Moth 1 (Week 1)

Players can find the first Lucent Moth in the Quagmire region. You can find it right near the Lost Sector in this area. A Hive Wizard guards the Moth, and you'll have to defeat them to remove the barrier encasing the Lucent Moth. After you're done, you'll find the Lucent Moth sitting against the wall of the cave.

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Lucent Moth 2 (Week 1)

The second Moth can be found much deeper into Savathûn's Throne World. You'll need to make your way through the Quagmire to the southeast and into the Apothecary. Our icon was no longer available on the map in this region, but the location is roughly around the word "Apothecary" on the map, as pictured above. You will find a Deepsight point at this location that reveals six runes scattered around the area when activated. Shooting all of these runes reveals the Lucent Moth.

Lucent Moth 3 (Week 2)

The third Lucent Moth can be found in the Temple of the Cunning. You'll need to make your way through the Quagmire and underground toward the Temple. The Temple of the Cunning is not visible on the map. However, once you find the path down, it leads you straight to it. We have provided the path location in the map image above. This Moth will be found sitting on a pillar in the middle of one of the rooms that leads down to the Temple.

Lucent Moth 4 (Week 2)

This Moth is found within the Alluring Curtain. You passed right through this area to get the second Lucent Moth earlier. Just head southeast out of the Quagmire toward Savathun's Light-imbued palace. The exact location of the Moth is shown in the map image above. Players will need to defeat a yellow-bar Hive Witch for the Moth to appear.

Lucent Moth 5 (Week 3)

The fifth Lucent Moth is easily found near the center of Miasma. It is situated high up in a tree in the middle of the swampy land. The Moth is pretty easy to spot, as its white-and-red shine stand out against the dark green background. You can use the map image above to pinpoint the location.

Lucent Moth 6 (Week 3)

The sixth Lucent Moth can be found down in the Temple of the Wrathful. The Temple of the Wrathful is not located on the map. However, you pass right through it on your way to the Temple of the Cunning. The map image above points out the entrance to the path that leads to the Temple. Once you get into the Temple of the Wrathful, enter a portal at the end of the room to take you to a wide-open area where you fought a Waler Tank in the campaign. On the left side of this open area, you'll find the Lucent Moth sitting on a tiny cliff.

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Lucent Moth 7 (Week 4)

This Lucent Moth can be found in the Court of Thorns on Savathûn's Throne World. However, the moth is actually in the Wellspring Activity rather than just out in the world. Startup either the Attack or Defend variant of the Wellspring activity. This Moth is found in the orange-lit room, off to one side of the starting room for Wellspring Defend, or the final room for Wellspring Attack. Regardless of where you start, the moth will be located in the same room, in the hand of a statue.

Lucent Moth 8 (Week 4)

The eighth Lucent Moth can be found down in Witch's Echo. The entrance of the pathway to Witch's Echo is shown in the map above. Once you get to the circular room and have passed an orange portal, take the corridor all the way to the left. This is shown in the image above. You will then find yourself in a room with a Deepsight Orb. Activate the Deepsight Orb and find the Moth hidden in a once blocked-off doorway.

Lucent Moth 9 (Week 5)

The ninth Lucent Moth can be found right in the middle of the Fluorescent Canal. It can be spotted floating on a tiny boat in the large fountain in the middle of this area. Note that the boat does move in circles around the fountain, so your Moth might be in a slightly different spot than ours was in the image above.

Lucent Moth 10 (Week 5)

The final Lucent Moth can be found in the Altars of Reflection: Catalyst activity. Once you complete the rune puzzle and get the door open, proceed onward until you reach the first large room. To your right when you come in, up on a ledge, you will see a Deepsight Orb. Activate this Deepsight Orb to reveal two platforms that lead up to the tenth Lucent Moth.

After you have collected a Lucent Moth, you can return to Fynch, where you'll be able to place the Lucent Moths in the small, circular room next to him. Every week, two of these Moths were released into the world for players to find. Now that all 10 of them have been released, you can collect all 10 of them in one day, if you'd like.

Collecting all of these Moths and completing the Lepidopterist Triumph will get you one step closer to earning the Fundament Ghost Shell for completing all secret Triumphs.

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All Lucent Moth Locations in the Throne World in Destiny 2 – Lepidopterist Triumph

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