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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – How to Break Free from Stasis

Bungie introduced the brand new Stasis subclass with the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Although many players have likely blasted through the new campaign with Duality and unlocked the Stasis subclass, there might be some confusion with the new mechanics. Specifically, players might not know that they can break free from stasis early.  Breaking […]

Destiny 2: Where is Xur on November 13 2020

Xur travels around the galaxy, and he tends to land in a different area each week where he will sell some random exotics. Every week you will find him in a new area, so the question is always going to be… where is Xur today? Well, we will have the exact area you can find […]

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – How to unlock Stasis

The fifth expansion for Destiny 2 is finally here; players worldwide can now play Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Are you ready to venture to Europa and confront the Darkness on Jupiters Moon? This new expansion includes new characters, quests, as well as a new raid! Oh, don’t think that is all, as players can use […]