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How-to Get Seed of Light – All Three Seeds – Destiny 2: Forsaken

Learn how-to obtain all three Seeds of Light and gain all of the abilities for your new super in Destiny 2: Forsaken! If you’ve been wondering how to get those last two seeds, then this Seed of Light Guide should help you finish that up. The first one is obviously very easy, but the second […]

How-to Get Sleeper Simulant – Quest Steps Guide (Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle) – Destiny 2 (Forsaken Update)

The Sleeper Simulant is one of the most popular weapons to equip when heading into Gambit. If you want to up your wins in that mode, our Sleeper Simulant guide goes step-by-step on how to obtain it in the Forsaken expansion! What’s so great about the Sleeper Simulant? Well, it absolutely dominates in Gambit right […]

Destiny 2 Heroic Public Event Triggers List – Up-to-Date for the Forsaken Expansion!

If you are wondering how-to trigger the heroic version of every public event in Destiny 2 then our guide will help you out! This guide is fully up-to-date and includes all of the public events from the recently released Forsaken expansion. Public Events spawn all around the various destinations in the game. These are fun […]