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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Update

Each week, Destiny 2 undergoes a reset in which all of its story content, PvP and PvE activities, and challenges are updated and changed. In addition to new content, it also resets the rewards and the reward progress from each in-game activity, allowing guardians to rinse and repeat activities every week for new rewards. Weekly […]

Best Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2

Another equally important part of any Guardian’s arsenal should be a healthy collection of grenade launchers. These heavy-hitting, powerful weapons provide the necessary speed and damage output to take on large groups of rank-and-file enemies or put a tough boss in the dirt. Salvager’s Salvo The Salvager’s Salvo is a breech-loading, energy grenade launcher that […]

Is Destiny 2 Cross-Platform?

This is a very important question for all Guardians who want to play with their friends no matter what platform they play on. The short answer to this question is Yes…but it wasn’t always. Many fans of the title had been requesting cross-play compatibility for years. So, after players pleaded for it and a few […]

How to get Spectral Pages in Destiny 2

Spectral Pages are a new, temporary form of currency during the Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2. These pages are the first step of the process to playing the new activity in the event called Haunted Sectors. They are used to eventually complete The Book of the Forgotten that’s located in the Tower. […]