How to solve the Dazzle Beach Cave Puzzles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Complete the puzzles to reach the Orb of Power hidden within the Mystical Cave of Dazzle Beach!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure life-sim experience that allows players to explore the magical world of Dreamlight Valley and interact with tons of their favorite Disney characters. Help rebuild the Villages by crafting new items, decorating, and ridding the Biomes of the Night Thorns. It is up to you to restore peace by collecting all the Orbs and restoring the various Pillars worldwide. You will be tested to complete Quests and solve puzzles like the Dazzle Beach Cave Puzzle. Here's how to navigate your way to reach the Orb of Power hidden within the Mystical Cave.

How to unlock the Dazzle Beach Mystical Cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ursula in evil magic cave, get crystal key
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To unlock the Mystical Cave, you first need to speak to Ursula. She can be found within the cave with the evil magic void entrance on the far side of Dazzle Beach. She will inform you of the Orb of Power hidden in the Mystical Cave and give you the Crystal Key used to unlock it.

Dazzle Beach Mystical Cave, unlock with Crystal Key into the Ancient Device
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Take that Crystal Key over to the entrance of the Mystical Cave, which can be easily located by the large ancient carving columns in front. The Ancient Device pedestal in front of the carved doorway is where you need to place the Crystal Key. Select the Ancient Device and transfer the Key over to it, and the entrance will open, allowing you to enter. However, once inside, you will have several more puzzles to solve to reach the main chamber and find the Orb.

How to solve the first Magic Gate puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mystical Cave first Magic Gate riddle
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To get through the first Magic Gate within the cave, you must provide the correct gems on the matching statues, as the inscribed stone suggests. There is a glowing green statue, a glowing blue statue, and a glowing red statue surrounding the inscribed stone. To open the Gate, you must collect Gems from deposits around the Biomes and correctly place them on the figures.

Mystical Cave first Magic Gate Gems puzzle
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The correct Gems you need to place are as follows:

  • Green: Peridot
  • Blue: Aquamarine
  • Red: Garnet

Check out your Gems Collection page to figure out where you can find each of them. Remember, they cannot be Shiny Gems for the puzzle to be completed successfully. Select each statue to transfer the correct Gem, and the first Gate will open.

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How to solve the second Magic Gate puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mystical Cave, second Magic Gate puzzle riddle
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Once the first Gate is opened, you can continue to the second Gate through the cave. You will find another inscribed stone with a riddle explaining how to complete the next puzzle. You will need to discover and plant the right crops based on their descriptions: an underground crop, a gold and brown crop, and a red and round crop.

Mystical Cave, second Magic Gate plant correct crops
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The following crops are the ones you will need to plant:

  • Underground: Carrot
  • Gold and Brown: Wheat
  • Red and Round: Tomato

You don't need to plant them in any particular order, but you will need to get the seeds for the crops. Most of them you can find in Goofy's Stall in the Meadow and Dazzle Beach and are cheap to buy. You can also check your Ingredients Collection page to see where to find each one. Plant the seed in the soil underneath each statue, and then water them with your Watering Can. You will have to wait a few minutes for them to grow fully, but once they do, the entrance will open.

How to solve the third Magic Gate puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The final riddle is inscribed on a stone behind some stones, which you must break with your pickaxe to get to. It explains that you must "cook and eat what you have grown." It refers to the crops you have just grown for Gate two. If you haven't already, head back and harvest the crops and bring them to the cooking station near Gate three.

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In the cooking pot, you will place the carrot, wheat, and tomato you have grown near Gate two. Don't worry, you can use any other carrots, wheat, and tomatoes if you have dropped or eaten the others. Cooking the ingredients will create a Veggie Pasta dish. To open the Gate, eat the freshly made meal, and then continue through to the end of the cave.

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How to get the Orb of Power in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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There is one more inscribed stone at the end of the cave, but it isn't another riddle. Instead, it states simply that you must catch the Orb below the water behind you. You will see the shiny gold light in the pond amidst ancient stones and need to use your fishing rod to retrieve it.

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Once you equip your fishing rod, you can cast it and catch the Orb just like catching a fish. You will need to press A, X, or M1 as the prompts are displayed on the screen. Once you catch the Orb, you can bring it back out of the Cave and place it into the Pillar.

Unlike the Orb of Friendship, the Orb of Power required extra thinking and work to retrieve. You can get through each puzzle quickly and easily by taking one step at a time and ensuring you have the required items!

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How to solve the Dazzle Beach Cave Puzzles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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